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We are B1A4 returning with our new album “Good Timing” that’s filled entirely with songs that we self-composed! The title song “A Lie” sings about a situation where you have to break up with a girl you still love. And that’s why it’s even more harsh. However, in your heart you keep telling yourself “No, it’s just a lie.”

This is from Lê Diễm in Vietnam. Congrats on your comeback! What was the hardest part of preparing for your comeback? Was there anything memorable?

CNU: Weren’t there a lot of memorable moments?
Jinyoung: For me the first performance we had was memorable. Because it was our first performance in a long time, we were really looking forward to seeing our fans and vice versa. Once we started the performance, it was as if we had never taken a break, it wasn’t awkward at all, and went really well. That’s why it was so memorable.

This is from Nguyễn Giáng Sinh in Vietnam. You guys are known to compose and write your own music. Where do you often get your inspiration from?

Jinyoung: For me, it often comes from experience. There’s a lot of times inspiration comes from my experience. If not, I often ask around about love. I ask people around me about their different types of love stories.
CNU: There’s experience, but there are also a lot of times inspiration comes from movies and dramas.

This is from Spanish broadcast listener Ingrid Rodríguez. Which member gets angry easily and which member is the least likely to get angry?

Gongchan: Should we answer on the count of three?
Baro: I don’t know.
CNU: Ah..I don’t know.
Baro: Who gets angry at me?
Sandeul: I also think it’s me.
CNU: Don’t you not get angry that easily?
Gongchan: He doesn’t get angry easily, but if you touch his food, he’ll get mad. Other than that, he doesn’t get mad.
CNU: I have seen Sandeul get angry about his food, but overall he doesn’t get mad often.
Jinyoung: Even if he does get mad, it’s playful.

Which member doesn’t get mad often?

Baro: We all…
Sandeul: We all don’t get angry that much.
Jinyoung: We don’t have much anger.
Gongchan: We are mild sheep.
CNU: There is a wolf.

This is from Shuhada Abdullah in Malaysia. What do you think you’d each be doing had you not become idol stars?

Jinyoung: For me, I liked to make things and invent stuff, ever since I was young. So I think I would’ve probably become an inventor.
Gongchan: I want to become a pro-gamer. I love games and even now, I play games whenever I get a chance. I still dream about that. If opportunity permits, I want to try achieve that dream.
CNU: I’ve never thought about it. If there is one [other job for me], it’d be the owner of a samgyeopsal restaurant.
Baro: It suits you.

This is from French broadcast listener Alice Jauzelon. What Korean dish would you recommend to a foreigner like me?

CNU: There are so many. So many. I would personally want to recommend topokki. I’d recommend it because it’s a mix of Korean traditional rice cake and seasoning, producing a delicious taste that many people love.

Do you cook?

Sandeul: Yes! I sometimes cook.
CNU: What do you make?
Sandeul: Kimchi jjigae (Kimchee stew). I want to recommend kimchi jjigae.
CNU: Add a side of ramyun noodles to the kimchi jjigae.
Sandeul: If you add the ramyun soup base to it, you’ll get a perfect kimchi jjigae…
Baro: If you add ham to that it’ll become budejjigae (*a stew with a mix of kimchi, ham, beans, sausage, etc.)
Sandeul: I don’t put ham. I never put ham.
CNU: You like to grill your ham.
Sandeul: I don’t eat ham that’s been dunked into water.

This is from Vanesa Roman in Argentina. Which member is most different on and off camera?

Baro: 1, 2, 3…
Sandeul: Does Jinyoung have three members pointing at him?
Baro: There are four members pointing at Jinyoung. If I were to speak as the representative, Jinyoung appears to be very gentle and sweet right now, right? However, after going through our day’s schedule, of course one can be tired, but Jinyoung will hit us in the waiting room when it’s just us.
Sandeul: Battery…
Jinyoung: Hey! They’ll think you’re serious!
Baro: You hit me earlier. He gets sensitive to our pranks and will hit us. He’ll also take off his shoes and sprawl out and sleep all curled up. But when the camera turns back on, he returns to what you see now. What I said about him hitting us is us joking around. Anyways, that’s how it is.

This is from French broadcast listener Park Noona. What is a message you want to send to your fans through your music?

Baro: We want to cheer the fans on and also comfort those that are weary and tired. We also want to make a promise to the fans that are loyal to us. There are a lot of messages we want to send. I’m not sure if they’re all being received well, but we do hope you know our intent.
Jinyoung: For me, while making the song “Together”, I wanted our fans to know the meaning of both our existences. So I hope the fans get that and feel more comfortable. I’ve been told some are often very cautious [around us]. I wanted to send the message that we hope you no longer feel that way.
Baro: Let’s all have some confidence.


We are currently working hard to promote our comeback song “A Lie”. And we have a concert, right?
Next year from February 4-5 and 11-12, we’ll hold four concerts.
We hope many of you come and have fun. Also, we hope you all have a happy new year!

To international BANA’s (international B1A4 fanclub)
We will plan for an opportunity to meet you all in person and show you our awesome performances. Until then, we hope you stay loyal to us and wait for us.
We hope you show lots of love to not just “A Lie”, but all the songs on our album, “GOOD TIMING”. Please spread it worldwide.
Everyone, don’t get sick and stay healthy until we can come to see you. Bye!

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