KBS WORLD RADIO listeners, hello, I’m Kim Jong-min. Nice to meet you!

This question is from Darma in Indonesia. How did it feel to win the Daesang from the KBS Entertainment Awards?

It was such an unexpected award and winning it felt amazing. Honestly, I never imagined in my wildest dreams I’d receive such an award and I felt like flying. Thank you so so much.

This is from Alexa Sandoval in Peru. What are you looking forward to the most this year?

The thing I’m looking forward to the most this year is my album! I want to see success promoting musically. I do want to greet fans through variety shows, but I also want to greet them through my music. I’m really, really looking forward to it.

This question is from Go Eun-bi. Do you have plans for a solo song release like your song “Sali Go Dali Go”?

I’m planning on it. I do have plans and even a song [for a solo release]. However, my vocal cord nodules have been suffering. They’ve gotten pretty bad from all my broadcasting, and so I haven’t been able to record [music]. When my vocal cords get better I plan to record right away.

This is from Yessia in Bolivia. While filming “1 Night 2 Days”, what was the funniest episode that happened off camera?

We have so much fun off camera too. Because the cast members joke around so much, it’s so much fun. Whether it’s on camera or off camera, it’s the same. Everyone is so funny and it’s especially funny when we play jokes on one another. There’s no real particular instance.

Then which member is the most mischievous?

Kim Jong-min: The most mischievous?
Staff: There is someone we suspect… Is it Kim Jun-ho?
Kim Jong-min: Kim Jun-ho is very mischievous and Def Conn also has that side to him. It’s a lot of fun.

This is from Anisa Lumitania in Indonesia. You’ve been known as a ditzy personality. Is there a different image you want to have?

That’s the image that people have come to love so I have no desire to change it. If anything, I will work harder to become a more excited fool.

Is being ditzy just an image you have, or are you really ditzy?

It’s very similar to my actual self. I think whatever the viewers perceive is correct.

This is from Fatima Budaya in Tunisia. Why don’t you create an Instagram account to communicate with your fans? Why do you stay away from social media?

I don’t really have pictures and don’t think I’d be able to keep up with social media every day. And with means of communication open, I feel like I’d vent out everything. I might drink and then say something I shouldn’t on social media. If something emotional comes out, I may hurt other people so I’m scared to [start social media]. I know myself too well and so I’m staying away.

This is from Fretel Stephanie in Peru. What are your new year’s resolutions? Also, what are your plans for Koyote?

For 2017, I’m thinking up of a new broadcast. I plan to actively take part in variety shows and also focus on my album. Shinji also has recorded a solo album. So with her solo album and my solo album, we plan to grow our “KYT” company. I will study harder—music and variety shows- to actively promote.


I received many questions today and found out for the first time today that I had so many fans abroad showing interest in me. This was really news to me! Thank you so so much and if opportunity permits, I hope to meet you all in person one day. I will work hard to not disappoint you, so please stay healthy and may [the new year] be filled with only happy events, wherever you may be in another country. The new year has come. I wish all the viewers and fans abroad a happy new year and good health! Thank you!

KBS World Radio listeners, this has been Kim Jong-min.

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