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Hello, we are April.

We have made our comeback with our third album “Prelude”, featuring the title song “April Story”. There are many songs on the album, and every track has a title-song-feel, boasting high quality.
There are also special tracks as a gift to fans: six-person version of “Dream Candy”, “Muah”, “Snowman” and a song dedicated to the fans, “Fine Thank You”. Please show the album lots of love.

This is from Japanese listener Ono Takashi and Vietnamese listener Dieu Minh. Congrats on your third mini album “Prelude”. How do Chaekyung and Rachel feel joining the group, making it a six-membered group?

Chaekyung: I’ve been on my own until now. Now that I’m part of a six-membered group, I feel less pressure. I get more strength and will work hard on the next album and the next.
Rachel: I worried a lot at first, but thanks to the members who are so nice to me and take care of me, I was able to adjust quickly. I’ll work hard to always show our fans the best side to myself.

This is from MaiMai, listener of the Japanese broadcast. Which song off of “Prelude” is your favorite and which part of that song in particular do you like?

Chaekyung: Honestly, all the songs are so great to the point where there’s nothing bad. If I had to pick one in particular, I used to like “Wow” because it’s so cute, but now…
Na-eun: There’s a part of Chaekyung’s that I like! From the song “Just As We Are”, Chaekyung sings “Like the star of a gray-tone movie” in such a pretty voice. Please let us hear it!
Yena: Why are you suddenly interrupting while Chaekyung was talking?
Chaekyung: A song all of a sudden?
Na-eun: Yes! Suddenly. These things are usually sudden.
Chaekyung: I’ll finish what I was saying. I used to like “Wow”, but now I’m starting to like “Time, Stop” more.
Rachel: From the beginning to now, I still like “Wow”.
Na-eun: I still like “April Story” the best, but I do personally think “Just As We Are” gets even better with every listen. The best part in that song is Yena’s “Yeah, maybe…” I think that part is so great!
Jinsol: That’s the part I wanted the most!
Chaekyung: I thought you said it was me earlier.
Na-eun: Chaekyung’s great too…this is Yena’s killer part!
Jinsol: It was when I was recording. I’ve never said something like this to the composer before, but that day I said to the composer, “Can I try the “Yeah, maybe…” part just once?”. He said, “Jinsol, don’t you think it’d be better for you to sing a different part?” I was a little disappointed.
Chaekyung: Then give it a try now!
Jinsol: Why doesn’t the original singer show us!
Yena: “Yeah, maybe…”
Chaekyung: Are you a robot? This is how you recorded it?
Chaewon: If you hear the recorded version, it’s nothing like that!
Yena: I’m so excited right now that a high-tone came out.

This is from Japanese listener Watanabe Singo. Chaewon, the dot on your nose is so attractive. Have you ever thought of removing it? (Please don’t remove it!)

Chaewon: Truth is, I’ve had this spot since I was young. So my mom and I have often contemplated on removing it, because as I got bigger, so did the spot. Like a Mongolian spot.
Jinsol: It’s not going to get super big later right?
Na-eun: But they say, a nose with a beauty on it…
Jinsol: A nose with a beauty on it is a spot. Right.
Chaewon: I won’t remove it. Don’t worry.

This is from Hiranya Guruge in Sri Lanka. Which member has the most “aegyo”? (*”aegyo” is Korean for a baby-talk, cute type of charm)

Chaekyung: You guys said it was me last time.

Jinsol: I did.
Na-eun: I never said that.
Chaekyung: You all did. “Chaekyung has the most aegyo.”
Yena: Then show us your aegyo!
Chaekyung: %$$%#$%^&*&%#@! (*showing off her aegyo)
Chaewon: You already ate, but you’re hungry again?
Chaekyung: Chaewon is so good at interpreting!
Chaewon: No other takers to show off their aegyo?
Na-eun: Yena!
Yena: For me, just not doing anything…
Mr. Cameraman, is Yena cute? I’m cute, huh? That cameraman said I’m cute!
Jinsol: Why are you doing that to the innocent cameraman?
Chaewon: The way I see it, there was no other place to lean on.
Jinsol: We apologize, Mr. Cameraman.
Chaewon: Well everyone, the queen of aegyo is Chaekyung. Should we point her out?
Chaekyung: What do you mean point me out? It’s obviously definitely me!

This is from Indonesian listener Uswah and Mexican listener Claudia Bautista Villarreal. What was most memorable from your moments with fans? Or which stage performance was the most moving or funny?

Yena: The fans have moved us many times, but for me personally, we did a concert in Japan. For the last song, we were singing “Fine Thank You” for our Japanese fans. I was singing my part when a fan in the front said, “Thank you so much”. I was so moved when I heard those words being spoken in Korean.
Jinsol: Can I talk about a funny memory?
Chaewon: What?
Jinsol: What’s always so funny for me is when we are going to film “Music Bank”. The fans are waiting there for us and we usually greet the reporters and take pictures on our way in. Our fans will yell out our names really loudly. For example, today, a fan shouted, “Jinsol! I’m cold!” (*in non honorifics).
Chaekyung: The reporters cracked up today.
Chaewon: That’s right, it was so funny today.
Jinsol: Today Na-eun’s name came out, Chaekyung’s name came out too. They always shout our names out loudly. We’re so grateful, but it’s so cute that we can’t help but laugh.

We, April, are in the midst of promoting our song “April Story”. When this round of promotions end, being that we are named April and all, I’m thinking we’ll most likely greet you again in April. We’ll work hard to show you the best sides to ourselves for the rest of our promotions. Please show our music lots of love and take lots of interest in us.

KBS World Radio listeners, this has been April. Thank you!

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