KBS World Radio listeners! Feeling sensation…hello, we are sf9.

Our first mini album “Burning Sensation” with the title song “Roar” carries the message of “turn on the engine to get to your dreams. We have a “car dance” that the nine of us do on stage, and a special performance Taeyang does. Our stage performances show off each of our unique charms. You’ll regret it if you miss it!

This is from Hiranya Guruge in Sri Lanka. Hello, handsome oppas of sf9! Were there any memorable episodes from filming the music video of “Roar”?

Rowoon: First off, we each had our own personal set. The nine of us each had a different car part brought to life. For example, one was the engine, tire, steering wheel, etc. For Inseong, was it 3 meters? 4 meters?
Inseong: Yes, about 3 meters…
Rowoon: He filmed from a height of about 3 meters. It wasn’t scary when looking up at it from the ground, but your legs shake when you’re looking down from the top. I have memories of how scary that was. We worked hard and had a lot of fun shooting the music video.

This is from Y Thuy in Vietnam. FNC has a lot of bands, but sf9 is FNC’s first dance group. Do the members of sf9 know how to play an instrument too?

Chani: Yes! Taeyang knows how to play the guitar.
Youngbin: Zuho, Jaeyoon, and Inseong know how to play the piano. Dawon can imitate instruments with his voice.
Chani: Rowoon says he also learned the guitar…
Rowoon: I can play the danso (Korean traditional short bamboo flute)…
Chani: The recorder.
Jaeyoon: Hwiyoung can play the triangle.
Hwiyoung: I an play to a 3/4 measure.
Inseong: Your hair today is a 3/4 part.
Rowoon: Your hair has been parted well.
Hwiyoung: I like to part and divide everything.

This is from Valentina Tolotti, listener of our Spanish broadcast. Which song did you enjoy recording the most? Or enjoy performing the most?

Inseong: The song we enjoyed recording the most is the fourth track on our new album “Shut Up N Lemme Go”. It’s a mixed genre of ballad and dance. We were able to relate to the lyrics while recording it the most. The song we enjoy performing the most is “Jungle Game”. We performed it at one of our FNC Kingdom Concerts. The chorus has a part that goes “doo doo roo doo doo roo…” like the background music of a game. It’s an upbeat song that had a lot of funny episodes.

This is from Adriana Yam in Mexico. Which member do you think has the best voice? And which is the best dancer?

Inseong: Did one person pick both?
Youngbin: Can you pick yourself?
Taeyang: All nine of us have such unique voices that it’s hard to just pick one member. During every recording, each member shines in their own way. Everyone has a great voice. For dance, Chani, Youngbin and myself have special parts, so in that respect, you can see more of us dancing.

This is from Japanese broadcast listener, Oikawa Kazuaki. All of you are so tall. How tall are you guys? You must be great at sports. Which sport are you good at?

Dawon: We are all generally tall. Including me…
Taeyang: Including?
Rowoon: Dawon is our center.
Dawon: Tall, tall. First, how tall are you all?
Inseong: I’m 184 cm.
Dawon: 184, and Rowoon is 189, Zuho is 183, and Jaeyoon?
Jaeyoon: I’m 183.
Dawon: Yes, that’s how tall we are. With Taeyang…Including Taeyang and myself.
Rowoon: For Dawon, he’s tall when his hair is up, or when he has straight hair that’s slightly…
Dawon: I’m 79 in reality. Really I’m 79, but I joke around a lot so the members…I’m…(pointing at Hwiyoung) You’re really short, no? Chani is also on the shorter side. So we are generally on the tall side. If you see us in real life, you’ll be surprised, thinking, “Why are they so tall?”
As for sports, Jaeyoon is good at sports. Rowoon played soccer in the past and Youngbin is good at basketball.
Jaeyoon: Inseong is good at wrestling too.
Dawon: For me, I’m good at soccer games.
Taeyang: Soccer games?
Dawon: I have a mental knack for soccer (video) games.

This is from Micaela Vera in Argentina. If the rest of the members were girls, which do you think you would’ve asked out? Or which member would you introduce to your younger sister?

Jaeyoon: I’m curious to hear Hwiyoung’s answer…
Rowoon: He has high expecations for your answer.
Inseong: Don’t have high expectations.
Youngbin: I don’t have high expectations, don’t misunderstand me. I was a little taken aback by the question, but I’m not looking forward to the answer or anything.
Hwiyoung: So it’s which member (if they were a girl) that I’d ask out, right? I think I’d ask out Inseong, because he has a good presence…
Jaeyoon: What does that have to do with anything?
Hwiyoung: Regardless of what we have to eat, I think he’d eat it well making me feel good. In an eating setting.
Chani: Inseong does make you feel secure.
Hiwyoung: I think he’d eat my leftovers and I think I’d just feel good if we were to eat out together.
Rowoon: So you’re saying he’d take care of your leftovers?
Hwiyong: No. As for which member I’d introduce my younger sister to, there is none.
Dawon: You don’t trust us.
Hwiyoung: I don’t have a younger sister. Even if I did, I think I wouldn’t feel good about her meeting any of the members.
Rowoon: You have an older sister. Think about having to introduce your older sister.
Hwiyoung: I don’t even like the thought of my older sister having a boyfriend.
Dawon: (At Rowoon) You have an older sister. Which person would you want to introduce her to?
Rowoon: The arrow has come around to me. For me, it wouldn’t be this guy. For me, it’d be Jaeyoon! He appears pure-hearted. I think he’d be good to my older sister if I introduced her to him, so Jaeyoon.

This is from Stephanie Fretel in Peru. Please show us some “aegyo” for your international fans. (aegyo is a cute type of babyish charm)

Jaeyoon: Just me?
Staff: Which member do you think is best?
Youngbin: The question was Jaeyoon’s so…
Jaeyoon: Then can’t I pick someone?
Staff: We’ll follow whatever all the members want.
Rowoon: It’s double if you refuse.
Jaeyoon: Then I’ll try and do it. This is our first time meeting so I feel bad. I LOVE YOU Stephanie~~~~~

We sf9 released “Fanfare” in 2016 and now in 2017 have released “Roar”, with the hopes that we can race towards you all. We want to meet our Fantasy family. In April, we’ll be debuting in Japan which is an honor for us. We’ll work hard to make an awesome debut and be a great group that is constantly working hard.

KBS World Radio listeners, this has been sf9. Thank you!

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