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Hello, we are G-friend.

We have made our comeback with the song “Fingertip” after eight months. “Fingertip” is a song that expresses the heart of a young girl who wants to control the heart of the person they love. Even the youngest members have now graduated from their high school uniforms. So, you can see a more matured image of G-friend.

This is from Dieu Minh in Vietnam. Hello. I really like your concept this time around. Please tell us how you feel about your concept.

Umji: We’re so grateful that you like it. It’s our first comeback in eight months so we were really excited. We hope that we stay healthy throughout our promotions.

This is from Lucy Chan and Claudia Bautista in Mexico. What are you looking forward to in your “Fingertip” promotions the most, compared to your previous promotions?

Yerin: It’s not something we’re looking forward to exactly, but we do hope people will get used to our dyed hair. Our concept is different so we hope to hear people say that it suits us well. Don’t you think it suits us well?

This is from Lilis Widarti and Afifah Rizky in Indonesia. I heard the music video for “Fingertip” symbolizes woman’s independence. What does “Fingertip” represent and what’s a message you want to send through your album?

Yuju: It’s hard for us to give a black-and-white answer because our music video and music is open for interpretation. It’s the first time we’ve heard of a woman’s independence interpretation, which is interesting. We hope many people will watch it and listen to it. “Fingertip” means the tips of your hands and the part “You’re at the tips of my hands (or fingertips)” is repeated a lot. The song sings about a daring young girl who wants to control her lover with her fingertips. The message we want to send is, we mentioned it earlier, but we hope our listeners get used to our matured image. We’ll work hard. The title song and the supporting tracks are all great so please show our album lots of love.

This is from Lili Sánchez in Mexico and Ara Aryani Alena in Indonesia. Which member struggled with memorizing the choreography for “Fingertip” the most? Which dance was the hardest or easiest to memorize up til now?

SinB: There wasn’t really a member that couldn’t memorize the dance. This dance was a little harder because we had a different concept and the performance style changed. The member that did the best was Sowon. She has long arms and legs that fit well with the smooth and flowing dance moves. I wasn’t intending to compliment her this much…
Sowon: I like SinB.
SinB: The dance this time around has four dance breaks.. It’s a lot more difficult than other dances. Chic and powerful moves are emphasized meaning the overall choreography is stronger and more tiring. There was no real easy part.

Which member learned the “Fingertip” choreography the easiest?

SinB: It was me, I hurt my hand so I’ll recommend somebody else. I recommend Umji. (dances)

This is from Mariana Benitez in Argentina.
Which member is the most physically strong? Which is the most physically weak?

Sowon: The strongest member is…
Yerin: I choose Yuju.
Sowon: I also pick Yuju’s character. Even if we don’t sleep much, she seems ok.
The weakest member is Eunha. More than being weak, we just see her lying around and sprawled out a lot.
Eunha: Yes, that’s right. This is true.
Yuju: She works hard when she has to, but when it’s time to rest, she really relaxes.

This is from Watanabe Singo, Japanese broadcast listener. Eunha, you really match your shocking-transformation with short hair. Which do you like better: long hair or short hair?

Eunha: If I have short hair, I want my long hair back. If I have long hair, I want to cut it short. That’s how most people are, I guess. I think I prefer short hair a little bit more because people have been liking it so much.
Umji: I personally hope she grows out her hair long again. She has a really nice side profile.
Eunha: When I don’t have bangs?
Umji: Yes! Your side profile…

This is from Atika Setyaningsih in Indonesia. Sowon, how did you become a singer?

Sowon: I started dreaming of becoming a singer because I liked singing and dancing. You know how there’s the stage and all the many seats in the audience. There’s a distance between the stage and audience, right? I was watching a concert video on TV and there were people on the end watching the performance with a telescope. They must’ve really loved the artist to watch and cheer using a telescope. I thought, “I want to stand on that stage too.”
Yerin: First off, I really loved singing and dancing. We only live once, so I wanted to attain fame.
Yuju: I’m the same, I loved singing and dancing. You can sing and dance for many people so I wanted to become a singer.

We have just made our comeback so we have a lot of time to see you all. We will strive to show you good sides of ourselves through our “Fingertip” promotions and other activities. Please show us, G-friend, lots of love and listen to “Fingertip”.

KBS World Radio listeners, this has been G-friend. Thank you!

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