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Standby...cue! Hello, we are Gugudan.
Our Act.2 Narcissus album is based on the Italian classic “Narcissus”. As you know, the story is about a man who falls in love with his own reflection on the pond. So our title song “A Girl Like Me” sings about a girl who knows her own charms and is confidently showing them off to the other person.

This is from Darma in Indonesia.
Your group name Gugudan is unique. What does it mean?

Sejeong: We also felt it was very unique. Who wants to explain it?
Nayoung: Gugudan symbolizes a group of nine girls with nine different charms. Our company actually held an open contest to come up with our team name. Gugudan was the name that was decided on through that contest. Our agency president liked Gugudan the most. And that was enough to put it ahead all the other great suggestions as our official name. We were like “Gugudan?” when we first heard it. However, we’re now so proud of it and happy with it. It’s a name we flaunt proudly. (*”gugudan” refers to the 9 x 9 multiplication table)

This is from Nopie Nurcahyani in Indonesia.
Which is your favorite song off your mini album “Act. 2 Narcissus”? Which song do you enjoy singing the most when not promoting?

Mimi: One of the songs I personally love these days is a supporting track called “Street”. The melody about love and the cute, detailed lyrics are great. It’s a song that showcases our nine different voice colors.
Nayoung: The other songs are great too, but I really love the supporting track our fellow agency artist Ravi wrote titled “Trying to Become Ugly”. It’s a song about a girl complaining to her boyfriend. We tried to express that in a cute, whiny way. We listen to it a lot and the chorus is addictive. We sing along to it often.

This is from Le Minh Khue and Nguyen Phuong Quang in Vietnam.
I love “A Girl Like Me”! Were there any memorable episodes while promoting for “A Girl Like Me”? Also, show us your signature choreography for the song.

Sejeong: The song is really good. What was a memorable episode?
Hana: I have one that I just thought of. There’s a part in our song that sings “Ooh baby”. You can call it a “killer part”. Mina sings it and she practices every single day, changing things up. Watching her, I always think to myself, “She’s so cute. So creative!”
Sejong: We also have a representative that will show you our signature choreography. The baby of the group, Hyeyeon, will do it. Shall we explain the two main points to our signature choreography?
Hyeyeon: First, there’s a part where we see our reflection on the pond. Second, there’s a part where we look at ourselves in the mirror. Shall I show you?

This is from Stephanie Fretel in Peru.
Which member is the most playful? Most serious?

Soyee: I want to answer this one. Mimi and Sally in front of me are the most playful. They always scare us while sleeping and even in the car.
Mimi: Sally learned a lot from me.
Sejeong: What a weird thing to teach.
Nayoung: Our fans call Mimi, “Yal Mimi”. It’s because she picks on the members in a “yal-mi-weo” way (“yalmiweo” describes someone who does bad or mean things, yet they cannot be hated). However, you can’t hate her.
Soyee: And I think the most serious member is Sejeong. Sejeong has a real serious side where there’s often a silence that ensues after she speaks. So we call that “Sejeong Time”. It’s kind of funny because she has such a serious side.

This is from Asmaa Sam in Morocco.
This is for Mina and Sejeong. What was something you learned or found useful as a member of I.O.I for the past ten months. Were those experiences useful for your promotions as Gugudan this time?

Mina: For me, as an I.O.I member for 10 months, I learned the basics on what I need to be careful about as a newly-debuted singer. They were useful during my Gugudan promotions. What about you Sejeong?
Sejeong: For me, as you know, there were 11 members in I.O.I. With so many members, I learned the best way to get along with so many members. So with nine members, I was able to quickly adapt.

This is from Dany Retamal in Chile.
What is a goal you have for Gugudan?

Nayoung: I think it’d be best for our leader Hana to answer.
Hana: Just like our name suggests, we are nine girls with different charms grouped together. I think the most important thing is for us to present our diverse projects showcasing our different charms to the public. We want to get our name better known in Korea and abroad and get acknowledged for our character, performances, and other various talents.
Sejeong: And being our name is Gugudan, honestly, there’s something that pops up the second you hear “Gugudan”. Our goal is to make our group be the first thing that pops to mind, and not numbers.

It was so nice to participate in this interview today. The questions were from our international fans. We heard so many of you sent in questions. We’re so thankful. We’ll work harder to continue to be a group that makes people curious about us. Please show our title song off our second album “A Girl Like Me” lots of love.

KBS World Radio listeners, this has been Gugudan. Thank you!

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