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Hello, we are Teen Top.
We have returned with our full-length 2nd album “High Five”.

Niel: What is the title track like, Changjo?
Changjo: The title song “Love Is” is a great song. It’s a pop-dance track. It is letting a fake girl know that he wants to break up with her.
Niel: Please show it lots of love.

This is from Mai Mai in Vietnam. I heard this is your first full-length album in four years. You released a lot of other stuff – like mini albums, EPs, project albums. What was the reason for the delay in releasing a full-length album?

Ricky: There’s a lot of songs that go into a full-length album, right? We tried to put a lot of songs that we wrote ourselves which took a long time. Also, being that it is a full-length album, we worked extra hard on our title song and stage performance. That delayed things a little.
Niel: Sorry!
Ricky: We apologize, Mai Mai.

This is from Alexa Sandoval in Peru. How does it feel to be back with a new album? How is it different from your first debut album release?

C.A.P: We are making our first comeback in a little over a year. Like our debut, we were nervous. Really nervous. And we are happy to be back with a new album.
Ricky: How happy?
C.A.P: Happy happy. Thank you!

This is from Michelle Gomez in Mexico. What is the meaning behind the song “Love Is”?

Changjo: We mentioned it earlier, but “Love Is” is about letting a fake, bad girl know he wants to break up in a very determined manner.
Staff: Have you met a bad girl in real life?
Niel: Bad girl…there’s no such thing as a bad girl.
Changjo: They say no person is bad from the start.
Ricky: People are good.

This is from Jemmalyn Dela Cruz Manalaysay in the Philippines. Which part of “Love Is” does each member like the best? Why?

Niel: For me, I like the part, “What’s so funny? I don’t believe this. Down”, the best.
Ricky: Why?
Niel: It’s my part, but also it has our song title in it. Also, it’s something you can really say to a girl, “You think this is funny? I don’t believe this…Go down!” That’s why I like it. What about you, Chunji?
Chunji: I like the hook, “Love is gone away”. I recommend it because it’s addictive and easy to listen to.
Ricky: I like the intro! In the beginning.
Niel: That part also sings “Love is gone away”, no?
Ricky: It’s a little different in the intro. It’s a little sadder in the intro.
C.A.P: I also like the “Down” part.
Niel: Why?
C.A.P: The nuance and feel is good.
Niel: I guess I sang it well.
C.A.P: No, the guide was good.
Changjo: I want to say it’s the part in the middle, the dance break where we show off our flashy moves. Everyone, please check it out and follow along.

This question is from Kim Phuong in Vietnam. Teen Top is known for their precise and in sync choreography. Now that you’re seven years in your idol careers, do you have any difficulties with your choreography?

Chunji: Of course our stamina is a little different from when we debuted as teens. However, we get strength from our fans cheering us on and work hard at our choreography, just like we did when we first debuted. How was that?
Niel: Sure, seven years have passed, but we haven’t passed our mid-twenties yet. We’re only halfway. When I compare it to our debut days, it is a little more tiring. For the choreography for “Love Is”, we couldn’t dance the complete first verse at first. But then we thought of our fans and worked hard…
Chunji: You’re just repeating what I said.
Niel: I know. Why’d you ask?
Chunji: Thank you.

This is from Muhammad Shamim in India. Teen Top is also famous for being athletic idols. Which is your favorite sport and exercise?

C.A.P: I’m sorry, I think you’re mistaken. Teen Top is not athletic. We all like to sit down.
Niel: We sit down and…
C.A.P: We like e-sports.
Niel: We’re all generally really lazy. Oddly enough, we get good results when we go out on those athletic games programs.
C.A.P: The results aren’t that great…
Chunji: Still, we got first place…
Ricky: It’s because we don’t do anything.
C.A.P: We did the relay. The relay.
Niel: Hyung, I’m sorry, but can you be quiet!
Ricky: We always try our best when we go out.
Niel: We always do our best when we go out. Maybe you’re the only one that didn’t do his best?
Ricky: None of us are really uncoordinated. So when we have to do sports, we do well.

This question is from Erna Kurniawati in Indonesia. How do you communicate with your fans? What do the international fans mean to you?

Ricky: Social media is so great that we regularly communicate with our international fans through that.
Niel: Really?
Chanjo: You know their contact info?
Ricky: You have to do this. It’s because of me that we have international fans. I work hard to communicate with them regularly.
Chunji: We also communicate with our fans via social media.

This is from Maya Hristova in Bulgaria.
What are your plans for 2017? Also, are there any members, other than Niel, planning to promote as a solo artist?

Niel: We will work hard to promote “Love Is” in 2017. Also, we will do some individual projects. Changjo is planning to go out on a hip hop competition program. Chunji, you?
Chunji: I am planning on releasing a solo album. Ricky, what about you?
Ricky: I will cheer you all on.
Niel: No not that. Your plans.
Ricky: I will cheer on the members, and make a comeback as a unit group.
Niel: Really? This is the first time I’m hearing about this.
Ricky: I just decided now. I will work hard starting now to achieve my goal.
Niel: Which member do you want to do a unit group with?
Ricky: C.A.P!
Niel: You two would make a great duo!

KBS World Radio listeners, this has been Teen Top. Thank you!

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