KBS World Radio listeners! Hello, I'm Gong Minzy.
I'm back with [Minzy Work 01 Uno].
This album is one I worked really hard on. I wrote all the lyrics for the songs, and the album also contains songs I self-composed as well.
Being it's my first solo album, I worked hard on it for a year. You'll be able to hear different vocal styles and vibes. Please show it lots of love.

This question is from Elise Chanel.
How do you feel about making your solo debut?

I think I felt nervous and pressured. This is my first time alone after always promoting with four members, after all. I'm nervous and also a part of me is excited. I think I went through a lot of different feelings about it.

This is from Filipino listener Jemmalyn Manalaysay.
What was something you were determined to do while preparing your first solo album? Also, can you please sing us a verse?

I prepared this album thinking, "Let's really give it my all on this one!" I wanted to go back to a newbie mindset ready to start something new. My title song is called "Ninano". I'll sing you a verse!

This is from Arabic listener NuhaBn Yousf.
What is your favorite song on the album?

My favorite song on this album is "Super Woman". I listen to this song on my way to work. Whenever I'm going through something hard or difficult, it reminds me that I can confidently get through it. I listen to it often.

This is from Thanh Thanh in Vietnam and Arabic listener Mariyam.
What's more comfortable: solo promotions or group promotions?

When I was promoting as a group, the waiting room was always noisy and fun. We would goof off and laugh and had no idea time flew by. We didn't even know when we had to start recording. Being by myself, waiting gets a little boring. So I feel lonely sometimes. However, the good thing about being alone is that everything finishes faster. There are less waiting times for shoots so I finish earlier. That's nice.

This is from Esti Purwanti in Indonesia.
It was hard to see your face because you didn't do much TV promotions when you were in a group. I love that I can now see you on TV through variety shows. How do you like that?

I also love that I can be closer to you all. Before, I had a unapproachable, strong image so not many people approached me. However, I think it's great that I can now show a warmer, friendly, "unni" type of image through all the variety shows and broadcast promotions.

People associate a charismatic image with Gong Minzy. What is your true personality like?

I'm easy-going, laugh easily and have a bright personality. Because my character had a strong image before, I stayed quiet and didn't talk much. I think I can now show you all my real self.

This is from Kunni Sangadati in Indonesia and Minh Phuong in Vietnam.
How is it practicing with all the "unnis" on the show "Unnis' Slam Dunk"?

It's so different because I was in a group of girls that had spent years training and were ready to be a girl group. This time, it's a group gathered to train to become a girl group. So there are unnis that have no experience as a singer. It's fun and I think we can enjoy working together.

This is from Ari Rakhmawati in Indonesia.
Which music genre do you think matches you best?

I love many genres so it's hard to just pinpoint one. Going on my voice alone, I've heard that I match R&B and medium tempo songs the best.

This is from Shifa Nabila in Indonesia.
Which artist do you want to collaborate with in the future? What type of genre do you want to do with them?

I was listening to "Between Us" and thought Jugn Yong-hwa has such a refreshing voice. It suits the summer season well. I would love to collaborate on a fresh EDM track with him.

This is from Rina in Iraq.
Have you ever thought of doing a dance program or collaborating with dance idol groups?

I watch a lot of those programs. Whether it's this dance program or that dance competition audition program, I watch a lot of those and so would love if the opportunity permits, to collaborate on those shows.

This is from Arabic listener Hana.
Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get it from the people around me. I hear their stories and think of lyrics relating to them. I also get a lot from watching movies or dramas. Recently, I'm working on lyrics inspired by the drama "Goblin".

This is from Saiful Anwar in Indonesia.
You always have awesome hair styles. Do you think you match long hair or short hair better?

I think both have different charms. However, I've been hearing more compliments saying I look pretty after I got long hair. So I'll say that I suit long hair better.

This is from Fisty Desinta in Indonesia.
Any plans for a tour, concerts, or fan meetings abroad?

I plan to go to Japan on May 5th to hold a fan meeting. I also want to go to Southeast Asia to meet with fans there. I think I'll be doing various promotions abroad. Please wait for me and look forward to them!

You've all waited for me and cheered me on, so I'm so happy that I can greet you all with a great album. I'll try to meet you all as soon as possible.
KBS World Radio listeners, this has been Gong Minzy.

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