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This question is from Génesis Moran in Ecuador.
It was cool how you used fan animations in the opening and ending of your music video. If you could use famous animations in the opening and ending of other music videos, which animations would you use?

Siyeon : We can choose?
SuA : Do we have one we want?
Siyeon : Me? No, I want to sing the soundtrack for an animation.
Yoohyeon : I personally like games, and there's this running game. Our song lyrics sing "run run run", so I'm thinking we could use that game...
JiU : While playing games, I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool to use this in our Dreamcatcher intro?" Our intro isn't just your basic intro. It has a rock sound and it's quite memorable.

This is from Fisty Desinta in Ecuador.
The choreography for "Good Night" doesn't look easy. How long did it take for you to learn? Were there any interesting episodes while shooting your music video for "Good Night"?

SuA : The choreography really isn't easy. We've been working hard since "Chase Me" [came out]. We prepared this dance while promoting for "Chase Me". We learned the choreography for "Good Night" in 10 days.
Also, as for episodes while shooting the music video, there's a scene where Siyeon and Yoohyeon shoot in the mountains. There was a grave nearby. After filming on that mountaintop, they decided to watch what they shot so far. When they turned it on to watch, nothing was recorded. Nothing was saved. Everything was erased.
JiU : Even the director said this was a first....

This is from Nguyen Phuong Quang in Vietnam and Heidi Nataly in Colombia. Most girl groups have either a cute image or sexy image. What was the reason you went with a dark fantasy concept? What has been the public's immediate response?

Siyeon : "Dark fantasy" has a nice ring to it.
Yoohyeon : More than dark fantasy, it's a rock sound concept. We wanted to be different from other girl groups and also, rock music pumps you up. We thought that matched us...
How has the public been reacting?
SuA : Many have been saying it's refreshing.
JiU : Even while we were first preparing as Dreamcatcher, I thought it was refreshing and fun. I think people react similarly.
SuA : A lot of people follow along to our "inner" dance.
JiU : That's right! People say if they walk the street listening to Dreamcatcher's music, they feel like they're the best. That felt good to hear.

This is from Mariana Benitez in Argentina.
Which member matches the Dreamcatcher concept the best?

Handong : I think all seven of us match it.
Staff : But if you had to choose one person?
Handong : The member that matches it the best...Siyeon! That's because Siyeon likes rock music. Her voice matches it too.

This is from Carolin Köhler in Germany. I loved your cover of Winner's "Really Really". Any plans to do more covers?

Siyeon : We're always preparing. We are always prepared, so we always have a cover to do. Dreamcatcher is a very well-prepared group!
Staf f: So will you upload another cover?
Siyeon : Wait for it. We can't give any spoilers, but wait for it.

This is from Jemmalyn Manalaysay in the Philippines.
Did you have other dreams aside from being a singer? If you didn't become a singer, what would you have done?

Gahyeon : I would want to be a flight attendant for a bit in between. But I heard you have to be over 162 cm in height. So, as sad as it is, I couldn't do that.
Yoohyeon : I think there are three flight attendants on our team.
Siyeon : I heard you need to have healthy internal organs to be a flight attendant. My insides aren't that good... Yoohyeon, why did you want to become a singer?
Yoohyeon : I just like singing better.

This is from Sena JG in Ethiopia. Happy birthday to JiU (birthday on May 17th). What was the most memorable birthday present you received?

JiU : This is really hard because they were all memorable.
The fans gave me a big framed picture of me. And they made puzzle pieces with my picture and put it together. That was the most memorable.
SuA : What was that? There was a picture you posted. It was a really big present.
JiU : That's right. I received a mini refrigerator. It's pink. I like to drink a lot of fruit juices and extracts in packages. So the fans gave me a refrigerator to keep them chilled. It was so cool.

We, Dreamcatcher, made our debut in Korea. Thanks to word of mouth, we will be going to promote in Japan too. It's our first promotions abroad so we are nervous and excited. We will return after working hard there just like we did here. We plan to hold concerts abroad too so please look forward to them.

KBS World Radio listeners, this has been Dreamcatcher!

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