KBS World Radio listeners, hello, I'm Loco. Nice to meet you.
I'm back with my first full-length studio album . Because it's my first full-length studio album, please listen to it.

This question is from Jemmalyn Manalaysay in the Philippines.
Please tell us about your new song "Too Much". Did you write the lyrics based on your actual experience? Tell us about how you came to write and compose this song.

Loco: The way I see the song "Too Much", there's a girl that's just too much. I'm afraid my life will get ruined if i get intertwined with her so I think that I hope she just passes me by. That was the starting point for this song.
Gray made the beat and Gray, Dean and I composed the song.
Staff: Is this based on your actual experience? Have you met a girl that's just too much before?
Loco: Yes, I think I meet such girls often... So I wrote the lyrics based on my thoughts during those experiences.

This is from English broadcast listener Caroline Ciavaldini.
How did you come to work with Dean?

Loco: First off, Gray and I made the song. We needed a vocalist and thought Dean would suit the song. However, we didn't know him personally, so we contacted him through his agency in a business-like manner. That's how we came to work together.
After working with him, he's great. I think we even became a bit close. I hope we work together more in the future.

This is from Alexandra Sandoval in Peru.
I love how addictive your new song is an dyour sexy voice. I'm curious why you use the name Loco.

Loco: I had the nickname of Loco, which means crazy person. When I drink, I do some weird things so my friends said the name suited me. Loco also means "to make one go crazy". I liked that meaning so decided to use it as my stage name.

This is from Laura Lopez in Mexico.
Your concept this time seems to be different from your usual concept. With your image transformation, what's something you look forward to or hope for?

Loco: While making music, I felt that I've become more mature with my lyrics and changed in my music. However, image didn't match [these changes].
So I tried to create an image that, in my opinion, suited this type of music. So I worked out and lost weight. The words I wanted to hear most was that I matched my music. So far, I think it's going well.
Staff: Was there a reason for your weight loss?
Loco: All the members of AOMG are all thin, especially Jay Park who's very muscular. While being next to them, I felt I needed to also take care of my body. But I wondered if I could really do that. I worked out every day and definitely saw some changes.

This is from Hana Kim Kim, listener of the Arabic service.
What was most difficult about preparing for this album?

Loco: Music-wise, it was so much fun. The hardest part was working out and going on a diet. I ate chicken breast for all three meals and lost weight that way. For about two months? These days, I eat [more] and work out.

This is from Stephanie Fretel in Peru.
What body part are you most confident in?

Loco: More than my body, I have big hands and a nice silhouette. I'm most confident in my hands.

This is from Yulia Panchina in Russia.
What's your favorite summer song? Please recommend a song.

Loco: I listen to a lot of music. I think Jay Park, from my company, has a song called "Drive" which is really refreshing and suits summer.

This is from French broadcast listener Emilie Carlos.
Which artist inspires you or affects you as an artist?

Loco: It changes every day. The artist that has affected me recently is Jay Park. I get motivated by watching how hard he works in his music production.

This is from French broadcast listener, Jessica Ly.
What was the reason you joined AOMG?

Loco: From my previous agency, Gray first went into [AOMG]. He introduced me to Jay Park. That's how I came to know him and got the offer and joined.

I plan to release albums often. I'm already working on another album so please look forward to it.
KBS World Radio listeners, this has been Loco. Thank you!

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