KBS World Radio listeners, hello. Nice to meet you. I'm Hwang Chi-yeol.
I'm back with a mini album titled "Be Ordinary", after ten years. This album will help you to recall past memories. The title song is "A Daily Song" and I hope it's a song you listen to every day. Please show it lots of love and listen to it. Thank you.

This question is from Spanish listener Milagros Ofelia Rojas Paima and French listener Kyle Young.
Which is your favorite supporting track on the new album and why?

HCY: A song I self-wrote is on my album for the firet time. It's track 7, "The One Word Love" and it's a special track for me. I lived on a rooftop when I wrote that song so I was sitting out in the shade on my rooftop when I wrote the lyrics. I thought the emotion of love was so limiting so I watched movies like "If Only" and "The Notebook" to stir up more emotions and wrote the lyrics. That's why this song is so special to me.
Staff: Is there a reaon you put your favorite song as the last track?
HCY: It's my first album so I was too shy to put it as track 1 so I put it as track 7.

This question is from Alexandra Sandoval in Peru.
"A Daily Song" is so sad, my heart aches every time I listen to it. Have you had a similar experience to the lyrics? And what kind of girl would you fall in love at first sight over?

It's a song recalling memories so yes, I do have similar memories. It could be about love, my parents, a childhood incident. Music has the power to bring back memories from when you were young. So I too remember things from my past.
I don't think there's been a girl I fell in love with at first sight yet. I usually talk with her and then see her charming characteristics or find her special qualities through communication. I haven't fallen in love at first sight before.

This is from French listener nicknamed Jung Shi-eun.
You have proven yourself as a talented singer through shows like "Immortal Song" or "I'm a Singer" in China. Is there a song you're sick of singing due to so many requests for i

Because I sang it too much? I really put a lot of power into the song "Father" on "Immortal Song" and also sang "Illo Sangyoni" (一路上有你) on the Chinese version of "I'm a Singer". Those two songs are very meaningful to me and I often sing them at fan meetings or performances. Even though I sing them a lot, I'm not sick of them. I think maybe the audience might be sick of them.

This is from Chinese listener 微尘同学. You majored in natural sciences/engineering. How did you choose to become a singer, a path different from your major? What was your motivation to keep you going until you made it as a singer?

I got into singing because everything else I was pretty good at. I was above average in most things. However, no matter how much I sang, I felt I wasn't good at it. I found something I wasn't good at and so started working harder at it.
I caused a fuss at home with my parents and came to Seoul. I wanted to succeed and reach my musical goals and make my parents proud. When that didn't happen, I was too embarrassed to go back home so I just kept doing my best to go as far as I could go. I figured if I did that, I'd make it at some point.
Staff: So your motivation was your parents or yourself?
HCY: Both. I had made a promise to myself and I also thought if I give up on this, no matter what I do, I would give up easily on that too. So I felt I had to make it. Secondly, my father was sick. So I wanted to be a good son and show him I achieved what I wanted to do.

This is from Mei in Indonesia.
Are all the songs you wrote inspired from real life experiences?
Your energy on stage when you dance is amazing. What do you eat to stay healthy?

First, when I write songs, of course my experiences are included. I also use other people's stories or movies. I don't eat anything special to have explosive energy on stage. I do think there's something I must do for myself every day. So, I meditate at night often and stretch a lot. I drink a lot of water too. I think I have energy on stage because I drink so much water.

This is from Vietnamese listener nicknamed "Ha Hyunwoo and Friends".
Congratulations on your second album. All the songs are great. This is your first new album in ten tears so I hope it gets a lot of love. You must meet a lot of fans overseas. Were there any interesting episodes?

I finished my first competition overseas and got to the airport. There were many fans sitting in their seats in a very orderly manner waiting for me. I thought the fan culture is very good. Because we couldn't do it at the airport, all the fans went to a nearby square. We held a very orderly mini fan meeting where we could talk and take pictures together. I was so impressed. It was short, but we could talk and take pictures for 20-30 minutes. That was very memorable for me.

This is such a happy moment for me. I'm receiving so much love after my mini album "Hwang Chi-yeol" release ten years ago.
I'll be holding a concert on June 24-25th at the Olympic Park. This is my first solo concert in Korea. So I've been happily preparing for the show. Please show it lots of interest. I plan to create good music and put on great shows to repay you all for your support. I will be a singer that works hard to improve. I ask for your support!

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