KBS World Radio listeners~ Hello! I'm Chungha.
My first solo album is finally out. There are five songs in the album.
From the Intro to four other tracks, I've worked hard to prepare a diverse album with ballads and dance tracks.
Please show the title song lots of love. I'll work hard so please show me lots of love too. Thank you.

This question is from Alexa Sandoval in Peru.
How did you feel when you first got a copy of your album in your hands?

When I first go the album, honestly, I couldn't believe it. I opened it and just had a mental breakdown.
Those of you who got the album will know what I'm talking about, but the the pictures are kind of long because it doesn't flip like a book. You have to spread open the jacket. At my autograph signing, there were fans that didn't know how to pick it up when they dropped the jacket. I remember having a little bit of trouble finding my pictures in the jacket (when I first got the album).

This is from Vietnamese listener Dang Dan and Hiranya Guruge in Sri Lanka.
I love the song "Why Don't You Know"! Any interesting episodes from your music video shoot? I'm curious, what's your favorite song on the album?

I enjoyed filming each scene at the music video shooting. This was my first solo music video so I was fascinated by even the flower backdrop. I had to film underwater for the first time in my life. It was so hard. I have respect for the mermaid actors (in my music video) and all people who shoot underwater.
If there weren't experts to help me, I would've drowned and died. It was a very new and fun experience. As for my choreography, I worked with people that I worked with from long ago so it was memorable and fun to be together. My favorite track on the album? I worked hard to prepare every song so I don't think I can pick one song. I worked equally hard on the other songs as I did on my title song!

This is from David Caiza in Equador.
It must be very different promoting alone and promoting as a 11-membered group.

Like you said, it is quite jarring. In the past, it was jarring to get the choreography in sync with 11 others. Now, I have to go through everything along, make sure I catch my breath, make diverse facial expressions, make the dance fun... I do worry about those kinds of things because the focus is all on me now.

Staff: What is it like when you see fellow I.O.I members in the waiting (dressing) rooms?

Yeon-jung and I had overlapping promotions. So we always look for each other like old friends (in the dressing rooms). It's comforting. Every once in awhile, if I'm somewhere where Yeon-jung or other Cosmic Girls members aren't there...There was this one time I was wearing this red outfit and they said I looked so lonely. They joked, "See? We have to be there with you!" I really am so thankful and appreciate them.

This is from English broadcast listener Ameni Ebrahim.
When one thinks of Chungha, one thinks dance. Other than singing and dancing, what hobbies do you have?

I just stay at home and play with my dog, eat yummy food, and watch dramas and movies. When I meet up with friends, we just go to a nearby cafe.

How do you get through difficult times? Who do you lean on?

In difficult times...When I'm going through something hard, there are times when I try hard to just forget my thoughts. There are also times those thoughts keep surfacing. I read books back to back, have moments of desperation, get advice from friends...I have a friend I live with...I also live with my mom. I tend to get advice from her a lot.

This is from Geraldine in Mexico.
If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you want to go? Why?
What was the most memorable gift a fan gave you?

Right now, I really want to go to Jeju Island. I went to Jeju as a baby when I didn't remember anything and haven't gone since. Lee Hyori has her variety show right now (on Jeju Island). It's so beautiful. I want to see places in my own country first. As for countries abroad, anywhere would be nice. I first want to go to go Jeju Island.
Also, all gifts from fans are so special and memorable and are displayed in my room. When I wake up, the first thing I see are the gifts from fans. All the relics from my I.O.I days, like photo albums, the ring fans made for us, the album they made for us. There are so many things that make me reminisce that are so precious.

This is from Muhammad Shamim in India.
Your name has a fresh, sweet vibe that suits the summer season. I'm suddenly curious, what do you like to drink in the summer?

Americano? Americano or bubble tea? I love bubble tea. Those two come to mind.

This is from Gemma Martinez in Mexico.
What are your aspirations as a singer? Who's your role model?

More than an aspiration, I really hope to become a person that can promote for a long time. And a person people are curious about for a long time. My role model is Lee Hyori. Many already know this. Our promotions overlapped and it was such an honor. I wrote her a letter on my signed CD (that I gave to her). Whenever Lee Hyori makes a comeback, everyone gets super curious about it. I hope to be a singer like Lee Hyori where people are super curious about me.

I'll return as an improved-and-better Chungha next time!
KBS World Radio listeners, this has been Chungha! Thank you.

I.O.I member Chungha has returned, this time as a solo artist with refreshing new music.
Check out her interview where she even talks about how "jarring" it was to perform on stage by herself.

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