KBS World Radio listeners, hello! We are VAV.
We worked with the tropical house genre this time. It's very refreshing. Just think, a "cider-like" song (*describes something refreshing).
It matches the vacation atmosphere. We tried to make it easy-listening, great for going on drives as well.

This is from Arabic listener, Hana Kim Kim. Which song was each of the members' favorite while promoting? Why?

LoU: For me, it's our first debut song "Venus"! Of course, I like "Flower" and this new song too. However, the most memorable song for me was our debut song.
Ziu: I agree with LoU. I like "Venus" and "Flower", but I like "ABC" the best because we're promoting it right now.
Ace: I also think it's "ABC". Please listen to it.
BaRon: I really like "Flower", but "ABC" has just as addictive of a hook. It gets stuck in your head, so I do hope you all give it a listen.
Ayno: I too really liked "Flower". Firstly, I wrote the lyrics. So I got really into it. Into the song...That's why I think I liked "Flower" the best.

This is from Russian listener Yulia Panchina.
The title song "ABC" has a sub-title "Middle of the Night". Which member is the one that sleeps the least? Who's still awake in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping?

St.Van: I think I know who.
LoU: I do too.
BaRon: I select the two of you.
Ace: Ayno is almost unanimous...
Ayno: I think personal time spent under the covers is very important. You know what I mean. Lately, I've been reading too...
LoU: I don't know what you mean.
Ace: You only read when we're looking.
BaRon: I chose St.Van. He sleeps with variety shows turned on. He does fall asleep, but on nights where he doesn't sleep much, he watches an entire episode before falling asleep. If the other members sleep 5 to 6 hours, I think he sleeps 2 to 3 hours. He probably has more stress with the ongoing promotions and because he's the leader, he has a lot of stuff to think about. I think he has a lot on his mind.

This is from Shuhada Abdullah in Malaysia.
What were your first impressions of one another. If you didn't become idol stars, what do you think you would all be doing?

Ziu: I would've been a boxing athlete.
Ayno: Ziu is...when you think strength, you think Ziu.
Ziu: I'm really interested in boxing...
Ayno: A memorable first impression was, you know Jacob is from China, right? He's so good looking. When I first saw him...like I'm not bad looking, but I felt ashamed of myself. That's how good looking I thought he was. If I didn't become an idol, I think I would've gone into hair-styling/beauty. I really like styling hair and always have a curling iron, hair spray, and clips in my bag. I like to get done up.
St.Van: He even take those things to the our rehearsal room.

This is from Sana in Tunisia.
Any interesting episode or experience from spending time together?

BaRon: This was when we were promoting "Venus" and new members had joined the group. There was a cake in our dorm. It was about three or four days since we had all moved into the dorm...
St.Van: No, it was morning on the second day.
BaRon: Early morning that day, there was a rustling noise. St.Van woke up and saw the refrigerator door was opened.
St.Van: No, the refrigerator door wasn't open...The moment I woke up, he was standing with his back faced to me in the kitchen. I asked him, "What are you doing?" and he was eating the cake with wooden chopsticks. It was 5 AM. He immediately stuck his head in the fridge to hide. His body was visible, but just his head hidden.
BaRon: Usually dogs will just hide their heads. That's what it was like.
St.Van: What was funny wasn't that he was just hiding his head...
LoU: He was trying to do whatever it took to hide!
Ziu: It's not a crime to eat early in the morning. But to be secretly eating that cake, I felt guilty...
St.Van: It's not a crime. But everyone! It was early dawn of the second day we all met. Can you believe that?
Ziu: I don't know what I was thinking. :D

This is from Balqis in Algeria.
I'm a huge fan of VAV. I have a question for Jacob. What girl do you think matches you?

Jacob: A motherly girl!
LoU: What kind of mom? Personality and looks-wise...
St.Van: Soft and innocent?

This is from Hemavathi DM in India.
Which member would you want to hang out with on a day with no work during your free time? Why?

St.Van: When our promotions for "ABC" ends, I really want to go on a trip with all the members and nobody else. Go to a pension and play some foot volleyball.
Ziu: Go to the playground in front of our dorm and play!
Ace: Have fun. For me personally, we see each other all the time, so do we really have to see each other during our free time too?
I mean, we're family. When you have free time, you don't usually spend it with your family. Because I think of the group as family, I would want to spend time with other friends and recharge...

This is from Mexican listener Fernenda Ochoa.
What was the most memorable fan quote or message?

BaRon: When we receive fan letters, there's something our fans always say: "Whether it's the through the good times or bad, we'll always be by your side." That is always a source of encouragement. Whenever we go on stage, I think about that and try to perform more passionately.

We VAV have returned with our "ABC" album. We plan to greet you all through music programs.
KBS World Radio listeners, this has been VAV. Thank you!

The seven-membered, good-looking boy group, VAV stopped by.
Their energetic melody and clear, refreshing voices will help you chase away the summer heat.

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