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Hello, we are KNK.
We are back with our "Gravity, Completed" repackaged album. The title song is "Rain" and it compares one's ex to the rain. Please show it lots of love.
Our main choreography is a "feed the birds" dance. We'll show you. Please show our song "Rain" lots of love!

This is from Fakhri Aiman in Malaysia.
Congratulations on your comeback! How is your latest song different from your past songs? Let us know this album's unique characteristic.

(Park Seung-jun) Because it's a repackaged album, to be honest, it has a similar style. It's lyrical and acoustic and this album features two songs that are self-composed. Hee-jun wrote the song "Feel So Good" and Youjin wrote "Good Night". I think the fact those two songs are in the album make it different. Please show it lots of love.
(Kim Ji-hun) Also, we do a little bit on stage with an umbrella. I think that performance also makes this album a little different.
(Park Seung-jun) You'll be able to see a more mature KNK.

This is from Yulia Panchina in Russia.
The title song is called "Rain". How do you guys spend rainy days?

(Park Seung-jun) For me, I order yummy food and eat it at home listening to the sound of the rain. I listen to rain music...Please listen to KNK's Rain!
Because our song has a rain theme, we're grateful it's been raining a lot. However, there's also been a lot of damage from the rain lately. So it's not all just a good thing. We hope just the right amount of rain falls. We do hope that when we hold outdoor performances, that it rains.
(Jung In-seong) I like eating "jeon" (Korean-style savory pancakes) on rainy days. Dong-tae jeon (fish jeon)! I want to eat some with lemon-lime soda.
(Park Seung-jun) Eat up.

This is from Viridiana Bautista in Mexico.
When one thinks of rain, one tends to think of something sad or sentimental rather than something lively. What's the song you want to listen to most in the summer?

(Oh Hee-jun) Because the summer is hot, I tend to look for refreshing songs. For example, Jessica and Park Myung-soo's "Naengmyun" and UN's "Wave". I like listening to cool songs like that. What about you guys?
(Kim Ji-hun) I think Super Junior's "Miracle" is a classic.

This is from Ari Rakhmawati in Indonesia.
How are all of KNK members so tall? Let us teenagers know how we can be tall.

(Jung In-seong) Seung-jun knows the secret.
(Kim Ji-hun) Seung-jun is quite famous for this.
(Park Seung-jun) I've talked about this a lot. I drank worm juice and my mom would give me stir-fried anchovies as a snack. Also, after meal deliveries, I would drink all the leftover milk. I also tend to fall asleep quickly. And there's a growth-stimulating product we endorse which would probably show good results.
(Jung In-seong) Ah, but our contract with them has ended.
(Park Seung-jun) We are most likely going to re-sign.
(Kim Ji-hun) We believe that they will re-sign with us.
(Park Seung-jun) I used to be 189 cm, but while shooting the commercial, I grew to be 190. Please show your support!

This is from Ralk Urbaczyk in Germany.
Your stage performances are so awesome. How do you take care your bodies? What workouts do you like and do you really follow those workouts?

(Kim Ji-hun) Taking care of our bodies...I ate cup noodles late last night before falling asleep. I personally don't really upkeep my body. The member that does take care of his body is Heejun! Heejun has been working out for our music video shoot. He's still working out hard.
(Oh Hee-jun) I like soccer so I want to play soccer. However, because we're in the middle of our promotions, I can't.
(Kim Ji-hun) That's right. That's too bad. What about the other members?
(Jung In-seong) I just work out by breathing...
(Kim Ji-hun) In-seong really doesn't exercise.
(Jung In-seong) Digestive workouts...I do those.
(Park Seung-jun) I like to use artificial tear drops.

This is from Natalia Pardo in Argentina.
Who's the funniest member?

(Kim Ji-hun) It's all a personal preference, but I personally think it's Hee-jun...I can't explain why. He's just funny to look at and he's quite funny with his words so I end up laughing a lot. It's a shame because that doesn't get captured on camera.
(Park Seung-jun) For me, first and second place is a tight race between these two.
(Jung In-seong) Me? Why me?
(Kim Ji-hun) We have to explain though. The two of us have never made Seung-jun laugh.
(Jung In-seong) We don't try to make him laugh, but he laughs just by looking at our faces.
(Kim Ji-hun) He alone thinks we're funny.

This is from Rosa García in Mexico.
If you were to compare your personalities to an animal, which animal would you be?

(Kim Ji-hun) I can pick for Seung-jun. A sloth. He likes to stay still and moves slow. In-seong is a bear!
(Jung In-seong) I was going to say a bear too!
(Kim Ji-hun) He's kind of dense and his body movements are like a bear. A hippo!
(Park Seung-jun) No, no. A mountain boar.
(Jung In-seong) But boars are actually really fast.
(Oh Hee-jun) Snorlax.
(Park Seung-jun) Snorlax from Pokemon.

This is from Penélope Maya Gutiérrez in Mexico.
A video of you reading the Spanish lyrics for "Despacito" is quite popular. Any thoughts of singing a song in Spanish or including Spanish lyrics in your music?
Which word was hardest to prono

(Jung In-seong) We had a lot of fun filming that. Spanish pronunciation and intonation are hard. I remember even the word "Despacito" was hard to pronounce.
(Park Seung-jun) And we just unknowingly read the lyrics, but later realized that it's quite provocative. We'd love to release a song in Spanish if the opportunity came.
(Jung In-seong) We often will cover a song in the language of the country we visit. If we visit Spain (or a Spanish-speaking country), we'd want to cover a song in Spanish.
(Park Seung-jun) It'd be great if we could release our version of "Despacito".

Following our song "Sun Moon Star", we are back with "Rain". Please show our song "Rain" lots of love.
We will work hard as KNK so please keep tabs on us.
KBS World Radio listeners, this has been KNK! Bye!

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