Hi KBS WORLD Radio listeners! It's Weki Meki! Our debut album, "WEME," stands for all of us or "We" and "Me" so it's for our fans who have been waiting for us and it also contains our group name.

This is a question from Fakhri Aiman of Malaysia.
Your group name is unique. Can you tell us the meaning behind the group name and what were some other names that were in the running before deciding on Weki Meki?

(Yoo-jung) Before our debut, "Artistar" and "Girls Storm Troop" But in the end, we decided on Weki Meki. Weki Meki is the best!

This is from Britty Hasna Afaf of Indonesia.
Congratulations on your debut! Do you feel like full-fledged singers now? What do you think is the biggest change since your trainee days?

(Rina) In the beginning we all said it feels surreal. Nowadays we feel a bit like we have debuted, but everything still feels very new. When we were trainees, we just watched performances on TV, but actually performing on stage felt really cool.
(Staff) A lot of fans came to your first showcase. How did that feel?
(Su-yeon) We held our debut showcase at Jangchung Arena which is a large venue and it was an honor to have so many fans come see our stage. We were thankful to have been able to perform on such a big stage for our debut showcase. Whenever I think about the showcase, I get filled with emotion.

This is from Hana Hanh of Vietnam.
The title song from your debut album "I Don't Like Your Girl Friend" is awesome. It's what we call girl crush these days! Other than the title song, what is a song from the album that the members like?

(together) One, two, three! Neverland!
(Do-yeon) There's a lot of great songs but Neverland really seemed to fit all of our tastes. We listened to the song after turning it up really loud on the speaker when we finally got the mastered version and we all really liked it. All of the members' different voices shine through their own respective part and we all felt like we recorded that song the best.
(Staff) What about any songs that you wrote the lyrics to, Yoo-jung?
(Yoo-jung) When I'm asked about my favorite songs in the album other than the title song I always pick two, Neverland and Stay with Me. Stay with Me's genre is tropical house and it's another song that I really like. When we're speaking together as a group, we want to maintain a collective opinion so we say Neverland. At other times I say Stay with Me. Both songs are great songs so I hope you all will enjoy listening to both of them.

This is from Alexa Sandoval of Peru.
All of the members are cute and pretty in the music video! Tell us your beauty secrets!

(Do-yeon) My beauty secret...well for us, a lot of our members love compression stockings. They're great for lessening swelling of the feet and can make your legs slimmer.
What else is there?
(Yoo-jung) We also put on facial masks at home religiously. We keep them in the refrigerator to keep them cool and put them on right after washing our face. That helps keep our skin nice and clear.

This is from Soo Pauline of France.
Who is the most confident member? Is there a member interested in acting?

(Lua) Do-yeon is the most confident member.
(Do-yeon) Thank you. I'm the most confident? Why?
(Lucy) You always look confident
(Lua) If we have to pick 1st place for anything she always picks herself...
(Do-yeon) Yes, at times. We all are brimming with confidence, aren't we? Am I the most confident?
(Su-yeon) We all are...but you have a lot...
(Yoo-jung) Do-yeon especially has a lot!

This is from English section listener Ira Lee.
Who is the most serious member? Who is the most mischievous?

(Su-yeon) The most serious?
(Yoo-jung) More than serious, the most calm member is Rina.
(Su-yeon) Then, the most mischevous?
(Lucy) There are two! Lua and Yoo-jung.
(Su-yeon) She's growing. This girl is growing up. She loves to give our members hugs and kisses but she also plays pranks on us.

This is from Kunni Sangadat of Indonesia.
This question is for Yoo-jung and Do-yeon. How is it different now from when you were part of I.O.I and how do you think that experience helped you?

(Yoo-jung) There are a lot of things that are different from when I was in I.O.I, from little things like the number of members or now we are one of the older members of the group. Another difference is that we are just starting off right now so we also have a new mindset.
(Do-yeon) Our past year's experience has helped us tremendously and we have learned a lot. We learned about what to be careful of in certain situations and what to do. At first I made a lot of mistakes, but through my I.O.I experience I think I can cut down on those mistakes now. I think my experience with I.O.I really helped a lot in many different areas.

What kind of music do you want to pursue? What is your ultimate goal?

(Lua) Our concept is "teen crush." Our title song "I Don't Like Your Girlfriend" has a message that teens can empathize with and that's what we want to do. We want to make music on issues that teens can empathize with.

This is the first time we're at Music Bank, but we know that with this start there will more days to come . We hope you all will watch out for us with affection and we promise to do our best! KBS WORLD Radio listeners, this has been Weki Meki!

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