Hello KBS WORLD Radio listeners! I'm Jeong Sewoon! I'm here to promote my debut album, "JUST U." I hope you enjoy it!

This is a question from listener Fitriah NZ of the Indonesia Section.
Your debut must feel extra special because you went through a difficult audition process appearing on "Kpop Star," and "Produce 101." How does it feel? Also, what is your favorite song from your debut album?

I was overwhelmed after going through the different audition programs and finally making my debut. The debut itself meant a great deal to me so there is no one particular song that I like better than others. Every song is precious and I'm thankful for all of them.

This is a question from Michel of the Philippines.
What does your title song "Just U" mean for you?

This is the starting point of my career as a singer. The song is like a friend that was with me from the start. If I make a comparison, it would be like a brand new bag that you buy for your first day of school. It has that kind of special meaning.

This question is from Ngoc Chi from Vietnam.
This mini album only contains one song that was written by you, "Never Mind." Do you actually play the guitar instrumentals in the song? How many songs have you written so far? I'm so excited to hear your own music!

"Never Mind" was written and produced under a tight schedule. Because we didn't have much time to spend only on one song, we recorded a guide for a real guitarist who recorded the instrumentals for us. I have a lot of sources but not many of the songs I'm working on are complete. I'll try to complete them and show them to you through future albums.

This question is from Vania Claros of Honduras.
Where do you get your inspiration when you write songs?

I went through three years as a trainee and that put a lot of restriction on my daily life. Going through a routine schedule made me think about ordinary lives and I like to quietly observe which also helped me to come up with inspiration.

This question is from Minh Pu of Vietnam.
Congratulations on your debut! You always look calm and composed in any situation. Do you have any tips on overcoming crises?

First, even if there is a problem I like to think to myself that it's not a problem. Even if there is a crisis, simplifying it and thinking it's not that big of a deal made me think again and realize that it really wasn't such a big crisis after all. I try to acknowledge it and think, "so, what?" and try to resolve the situation rather than worry. That may be why I look calm.

This question is from Rana Alm of Egypt.
Your special charm is that you have a quiet personality. Did you know that you have a lot of fans supporting you in Egypt? Can you feel your popularity growing overseas?

It feels much too early and like it's not my story because it's so unreal. But, I'm so grateful for all the fans who support me and listen to my music from so far away. However, it still feels surreal.

This is a question from Tiffany of Costa Rica.
Can you recommend a song that makes your heart feel warm when you sing it?

I've talked about this song before, it's "Green & Gold" by Lianne La Havas. The song is so romantic and fits perfectly with the fall weather. From my album, "If You" if one that makes me feel warm inside. The last one I would recommend is Coldplay's "Everglow." My first debut album was titled, "Ever." There were two versions, "EVER+GLOW" and "+GREEN," which is another reason why I like Coldplay's song so much. It's a song that makes you overcome with emotion.

This question is from Isabel Perez of Mexico.
Is there a song that you would recommend for someone going through a rough time?

There are so many colorful and great songs that are coming out these days but sometimes I listen to old songs because I like to reminisce on the sentiment of the past. I listened to old Beatles songs recently and loved it. If I can recommend a Beatles song for you, it would be "Let it Be." It's so famous I didn't give it a second thought, but listening to it again, it really felt different. I think it would help someone going through a hard time.

This question is from Hasna of Indonesia.
What do you think is your biggest charm? Can you show off some "aegyo" for the fans?

I'm so thankful for everyone who has been showing me a lot of love and support, but I think a lot of people love my calm and steady side. Although I do have a calm side, I also have a very passionate side especially when it comes to the things I love and the work that I have to do. I think that's also something people like about me.
Aegyo? Hang on...wow. Okay, let me try!
"Be happy~~~~~!!! This is something that I used to do often...but hearing the word "aegyo" it's not so easy!
Let me try again! "Be happy!!"

This question is from Malu Alva from Peru.
What kind of artist do you want to be in the future? What is your goal for this year?

I've thought about what kind of artist I want to become and what kind of music I want to pursue a lot. That is why I've searched for the musicians that I want to follow and their similarities and wrote them all down. I thought about their similarities and discovered that a lot of them try to convey their true feelings through their music. I'm not sure what kind of music I'll be pursuing in the future, but I hope that the heart for wanting to let people hear genuine music remains true. My goal for this year is to keep growing. I want to keep learning the guitar and new instruments like the piano so I can grow musically.

This has been Jeong Sewoon. Thank you all KBS WORLD Radio listeners!!

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