KBS WORLD Radio listeners! This is Golden Child! Our mini album "Gol-Cha!" is short for Golden Child and contains our strong resolutions and ambitions as we take our first step into the K-pop scene.

This question is from listener Zaina Ali of the Arabic section.
I want to know the meaning of your group name Golden Child. I love the name.

(Jaeseok) Yes, our group name Golden Child means "a perfect child that comes only once every 100 years." The name contains the hope and ambition that our group will lead the K-pop industry as well as music trends for the next 100 years.

This question is from Clay Cindy of the English section.
How did you feel after your group name was chosen?
Did you worry that it might not fit after you become adults?

(Y) Our "young" feel will last forever.
(Joochan) Yes, even if we grow old it'll go on forever.
(Jangjun) We look young, too.
(Y) How did you all feel when you heard Golden Child for the first time?
(Jaehyun) I thought it was refreshing!
(Jaeseok) A lot of people joked that we were "Golden Adults" because the older members of the group are over 20...

This question is from Clay Cindy of the English section.
I want to know the concept for this album and the meaning for "DamDaDi".
How many times does "DamDaDi" come out during the song?

(Jaeseok) Has anyone counted?
(Daeyeol) 34 times.
(Jaeseok) Are you sure?
(Y) That's a lie.
(Jaeseok) Are you sure its 34 times?
(Jaeseok) Do we need to count?
(Y) Yes, I say 47!
(Jangjun) Jangjun 56!
(Jibeom) I'll go with 49!
(Daeyeol) Do we need to take out "dadidadi" when we count?
(Joochan) Oh, then I'll say about 27 times?
(Bomin) 24!
(Donghyun) Donghyun says 20!
(Tag) I'll go with 36!
(Jaehyun) I'll say 26!
(Daeyeol) Damdadi doesn't have a special meaning. It's just an exclamation. You know how we say "Eureka!" In Korea, it's similar to when we say "Eolssu!"
(Y) Any kind of feeling can be expressed with Damdadi.
(Daeyeol) Right. For example, if you found 1,000 won on the street, what do you need to do?
(All) Damdadi?
(Daeyeol) What if you saw your ideal type on the street?
(All) Damdadi!
(Daeyeol) It's an interjection that can be shouted out loud.

This question is from listener Pakri Ayiman of Malaysia.
I'm a guy fan from Malaysia. What do you guys think about guy fans?
Your baseball uniforms all had different numbers on the back in your MV. Do the numbers have any special meaning?

(Jangjun) You asked what we think about guy fans. I love guy fans!
(Joochan) They give us a lot of strength!
(Jangjun) You all feel like close older or younger brothers. When we're on stage we sometimes hear guy fans cheering for us and it's a very different sound from the cheers of our female fans, so we can feel the different energy. Our uniform numbers did have a meaning for each of us, but they weren't very special or anything.

This question is from Asma Sam of the Arabic section.
What do the individual members do during your free time?
I also want to know how you keep up your amazing physique.

(Donghyun) Our individual members like to spend time resting or sleeping at our dorm, or watching movies, reading or cooking...
(Joochan) We were really busy with music ranking shows recently so we didn't have much free time. So our members like to get a short nap in when we have time, or practice individually.
(Jaeseok) As for our physique, our leader Daeyeol helps us train when we go to our office. It's called DY training and we do squats and push-ups. I think this training method helps us to keep in shape.

This question is from Naziaf of Mauritius.
Who uses the same room together in your dorm?
Who is the cleanest member?

(Seungmin) We have an adult room and student room. We have three rooms so one room has six people, one has two and the last one has four.
(Daeyeol) Who uses the room with two people?
(Seungmin) Y and Jibeom uses the room together. Are we 12 members?
(Joochan) Are we 12? Who is the other one?
(Seungmin) Ah...you're right.
(Jaeseok) It's five, four and two in each room.
(Seungmin) Right! So, four in one room, two in one room and the last room with four.
(Jangjun) That's ten.
(Seungmin) Why is this so confusing? It's loosely divided up in to an adult room and student room. Our cleanest member is probably Donghyun. He's tidy and if you look in his closet everything is neatly arranged.
(Daeyeol) I think it's Jaeseok. He loves to decorate his room so he has herbs in there and even has incense for relaxation. He's neat and tidy inside and out.
(Joochan) Jaeseok is in charge of washing the towels and we've never run out of clean towels. We have so many towels to wash because we have 11 members, but we've never had a day without clean towels.
(Daeyeol) We did it together.
(Joochan) Yes, we've never seen Daeyeol do it.

This question is from Ddari of Indonesia.
What sets Golden Child apart from other groups? What kind of image do you want to leave?

(Joochan) More than what sets us apart, our strength is the energy that comes from our teamwork. We have great chemistry and teamwork among our 11 members, so I think we give off positive energy. We want to give off an image of the friendly neighbor, brother, cousin that lives next door that's close like family.

What kind of music do you want to pursue, and what is your ultimate goal?

(Daeyeol) We are currently promoting our song "DamDaDi" and our goal is to continue to give good performances for that until our next song. Our ultimate goal for this year is to win the rookie award. Our biggest goal would be to continue to show our music and performances to all of you.

KBS WORLD Radio listeners, this has been Golden Child! Thank you!

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