Hello KBS WORLD Radio listeners, we're MASC!
Our song is an old-school song with an up-tempo beat that shows the determination of a guy that will do anything for the woman he loves. It also has addictive choreography. We hope you love it!

This question is from Soo Pauline of the French language section.
Does your group name have a special meaning?

(26) MASC is short for masculinity, so it means manly.
(Woosoo) We must really be a masculine group.
(26) Yes. We're manly but we also have sexy and cute sides. But, we want to express our masculinity as much as we can.

Listener Sangadati from Indonesia sent this question.
To the members who joined recently, how does it feel to be part of MASC? Why did you recruit new members?

(Moonbong) I am a new member. I'm really excited and happy to be able to show all of you what I've been preparing so far.
(Ireah) The existing members and Heejae were like the pillars of the group and they led us on so that everytime we stand on stage together we feel like we're truly becoming one team.
(Woosoo) That's your personal thought, right?
(Ireah) Yes, it's my personal thought.
(Woosoo) Why do you think we recruited new members?
(ACE) In order to show the freshness and refreshing side of the group that the existing members were unable to show? I hope you all look forward to our new members taking active roles int he group!
(staff) The group changed from having four members to eight members. How does that feel?
(Heejae) It feels like we're more full and abundant now. We have eight people stealing the scene, so that's another plus. We also think that we've grown twice as much on stage thanks to our members. It takes us longer to prepare and we can't sleep as much but we've gained a lot more.

This question is from Arianna Muñoz from Equador.
If you each chose a member that you're the closest to or fondest of?

(Heejae) If we each chose one person...why don't we start with Chibin?
(Chibin)I want to choose my roommate, Heejae. I'm fond of him and next our leader.
(Woosoo) I don't like being second.
(Heejae) I also like my roommate and youngest Chibin.
(Ireah) I like ACE. Every time we go on stage he give us good advice and helps us a lot.
(Doeun) I like my roommate Ace. I guess I'm fond of him because we know each other well because we share a room together.
(ACE) Unfortunately, no one. Just kidding! More than the older brothers, I like the younger ones Moonbong and Chibin. I'm proud of them and feel like they're my kids sometimes. I'm thankful that they've come this far and have a lot of expectations for them.
(Woosoo) I'm old so the younger ones are all cute to me.
(26) I care about our leader because he has to take care of us all the time.
(Moonbong) I spend a lot of time with Woosoo so I've grown fond of him.

This question is from Michelle Martínez Olguin of Mexico.
When was your most difficult time and most fun time since your debut?

(ACE) That's a difficult question. Difficult and fun...I think it was difficult for us because we had new members joining the group. What's the most fun is we're all in our 20s and we're all getting to know each other through various incidents.

This question is from listener Sora of the Arabic section.
MASC "fighting!" What changed after you became a singer?

(Heejae) Before I became a singer I was a student and I didn't care about my looks. Now that I'm a singer there are people who look after how we appear to the public so it makes me also careful about how I act. I try to think about how my actions and words and how others will think about me. My lifestyle has changed, from the way I dress to what I'm interested in.
(ACE) My mother changed. She acts differently towards me. She wouldn't even answer my calls in the past but now she calls me first. Love you, Mom!

This question is from Kurnia of Indonesia.
Which country do you want to go hold a concert and why? Is there a country you would like to travel to?

(Moonbong) The elder members of the group visited Japan, Brazil and Vietnam, but I wan't able to so I want to go to those countries and I also want to go anywhere that calls me.
(ACE) Please pick one! We all have to pick one, so the country that you want to visit the most!
(Moonbong) Indonesia!
(Woosoo) Paris, France. I love soccer and I heard that fashion and the food is great there so I want to visit.
(26) I want to go to the US. I've never been.
(ACE) I really want to visit Switzerland. It's been a dream of mine to go see the mountains...
(Heejae) It's really beautiful there...Switzerland...
(Woosoo) Have you been?
(Heejae) If you turn on the TV, you can see it there. It's all about indirect experiences these days, isn't it?
(ACE) It was so beautiful on screen that I wanted to go there with our members to rest and travel. I think it would be great to go during the summer.
(Chibin) I have two places. I've always wanted to go to these places. Paris, France and Japan. The reason why I want to go to Japan is because of their unique sentiment so I want to perform there and also visit for fun as well.
(Ireah) I want to go to Vietnam! I recently saw a show on TV and the food looked amazing!

This question is from Diana Betsaida Arriola Ruiz of El Salvador.
What are your future plans? I hope you will become a long-running group!

(Woosoo) We are currently promoting in Korea but after promotions for this album we want to continue to work hard so that we can go visit all the countries that we just mentioned to meet our fans in person. We will work out and enjoy our hobbies and become a group that can have fun.
(ACE) Thank you for wishing us longevity! We'll try hard!
(Woosoo) I thought it meant living a long life...
(Heejae) Don't get sick and live long~
(Woosoo) Become a group that lives long! Let's all live long!

KBS WORLD Radio listeners! This has been MASC! Good bye!!

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