Hello KBS WORLD Radio listeners! We are DIA!!
We have returned with a repackaged album titled, "Present" after our last release "Can't Stop." The title song is "Good Night" and it's an exciting and cute song that we hope you.

This question is from Phuong Ly of Vietnam.
The music video for "Good Night" feels very refreshing and all of the members look very fresh in it as well. Were there any memorable episodes from the making of the MV?

(Jueun) A memorable experience was...one person was on the trampoline and surrounding that person...
(Huihyun) Trampoline!!
(Jueun) We were holding fireworks while running in that scene. It looked fun and exciting, but we were all scared to death. We were scared, but when we were in front of the camera we pretended to be having fun.
(Eunice) There was a scene where we were supposed to fall asleep. It was really late and some members really did fall asleep.

This question is from Muhammad Kommeri of Algeria.
Do you have any plans to hold a concert in Algeria? I want to see you all in person.

(Huihyun) We have a lot of fans from abroad who ask us this question. If we have the chance we would love to go abroad to see you all. We would love to see our fans in Algeria as well. If we have the chance, we will definitely visit you there.

This question is from Biraijo of Kota Kinabalu.
You are getting more popular abroad. Do you have any plans to release an album in a foreign language?

(Huihyun) We actually did release an album in Chinese before. It was very difficult. We do want to release albums in foreign languages, but I think we have to study really hard so that our fans from abroad will not have any problems listening to us singing in a different language.

This question is from Yulia Panchina of Russia.
You came back with the song "Good Night". Who is the member who sleeps the most?

(Huihyun) There are a lot of different types...
I can fall asleep well anywhere. I can sleep in the car, I can sleep in the waiting rooms, I can sleep while standing up, if I can lean on something. As for Eunchae,
(Eunchae) I sleep like a log. If no one wakes me up, I think I can sleep for 24 hours straight.
(Huihyun) So, I'm the person who can sleep anywhere and everywhere and Eunchae is the one who sleeps the most.
(Chaeyeon) SI there a member who has a strange sleeping habit?
(Huihyun) I have something to say. My roommate Chaeyeon has wild sleeping habits. There are so many episodes, but just to talk about one...her sleeping habits aren't noisy. When I come back late after work thinking I should sleep...I'm on the top floor of the bunk bed and Chaeyeon was looking at her phone. I thought she wasn't sleeping so I told her I would turn the lights off but no answer. I thought I should take a picture of her sleeping in that position but I was too tired and fell asleep. The next morning I woke up to go to the bathroom and she was still sleeping in that same position. She has strange sleeping habits and she also talks in her sleep. It's cute.

This question is from Dominique Chu of Australia.
Do you have anything to say to the two members who will be leaving to shoot "The Unit?"

(Huihyun) Yebin and Somyi have left to film "The Unit." We had a lot of fans who were really sad, but the girls haven't left us for good. They are working hard on a new challenge and we are rooting for them. They come home in the early morning hours after practice and we are grateful for the effort they put in and very proud of them. We hope you all will root for them too.

This question is from Kevin Fox of the U.S.
You always release songs that are feminine and refreshing. Is there any other concept that you would like to try in the future?

(Eunjin) I would like to try something provocative or sexy or a girl crush concept.
(Chaeyeon) I want to try something with maturity, something that fits fall. Something similar to A Pink's LUV.
(Huihyun) I want to try something that our fans would like to see.

Hieu Kho of Vietnam sent this question.
When I saw SNL it seems each member has a lot of talent. Is there a member that all of the members acknowledge as having the most talent in variety or acting?

(Huihyun) I want to recommend Eunchae for variety shows. It seems very unlikely but Eunchae is the one that makes us laugh the most and is cheerful among us. I think that would make her stand out in variety shows. We all want to be the one that has the most talent in acting!

Is there a dream that DIA wants to realize?

(Huihyun) I think our group still has a lot to learn so we still have a lot of polishing up to do. We would like to be able to try various different concepts and be with our fans for a long time.

We are a group that want to show off what we have and be good at what we do in front of our fans. We'll do our best to excel not just in our individual activities but as DIA, so we hope you will continue to love and support us. Thank you as always for you love.
KBS WORLD Radio listeners! This has been DIA!

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