Hello KBS WORLD Radio listeners! This is evergreen Sonamoo!
Our latest release "I" has two meanings. One is "I" for me, and the other is for a small child, pronounced "I" in Korean, that is crying within me. The song's hook is quite addictive so we hope you guys love listening to it!

This question is from Nicolás Krzaczkowski of Argentina.
Your song I(Knew It) has a Latin rhythm. How did you guys feel when you first heard it?

(Minjae) It has a tango feel to it so our choreographer tried to incorporate that style of dance into our moves.
(NewSun)I felt like there was something missing when I just heard the song but when you listen and watch the choreography, it becomes perfect. I hope you will all watch us on stage.

This question is from Coahuila of Mexico.
How did the other members feel when you all found out that Euijin would be a part of "The Unit"?

(High.D) To be honest, as a friend I felt she would feel a lot of pressure. We're the same age and Euijin is shy so I worried that she might get nervous having to stand in front of a lot of people alone. But, she was great and she became the center! So now I don't worry anymore and I'm just rooting for her.

This question is from Kim Solar of Turkey.
Other than leader Sumin, who else has the most leadership?

(Sumin) I thought about this question a lot but I think Minjae, who is the same age as me, has the most leadership. You agree, right Minjae?
(Minjae) I agree. I think my style of leadership is a little different. Sumin is like a motherly figure but I'm more of a scolding...
(Sumin) Stepmother!
(Staff) What do you think it would have been like if Minjae was the leader?
(NewSun) I don't think our teamwork would have been as great... Just kidding! Minjae is like a friend and she makes us feel comfortable. I think it would have been fun in a different way.
(Sumin) So, I'm not as comforting?
(NewSun) A little!

This question is from Luis AR of Germany.
I manage Sonamoofacts on Twitter. I want more people to know about Sonamoo. Fighting! How did you decide on your stage names and what do they mean?

(NewSun) There's exactly three in the back...
(Sumin) Oh, that's right!
(NewSun) My real name is Yoon-sun. My friends used to call me "Newn-sun" and I changed that to NewSun and it originally has no meaning. But, our management gave it meaning.
(Sumin) Yes, they gave it the meaning of "new sun."
(Minjae) It fits really well.
(D.ana) My name was picked through a public contest. There was a vote out of several runner ups and that's how I got my name.
(Sumin) And you're a rapper that is in contrast to NewSun, so it's like low rapper and high rapper, sun and moon. That meaning is nice, too.
(High.D) My name is High.D and I think the story behind my name is something little kids will like hearing. It's very simple. High is for the high notes that I sing and my real name is Kim Do-hee, so we took D from Do. That's how I became High.D.
(Nahyun) It's pretty.
(Sumin) Like a girl from the Alps.
(NewSun) But they all fit really well don't they?
(Minjae) I wish I used a stage name, too.
(NewSun) Do you have one in mind?
(Minjae) No, but if you think about it when will you ever use a stage name? It's like a blessing we can use stage names while being a part of an idol group. Now I don't know why I was adamant about using my real name.
(NewSun) You were so funny then.
(Minjae) I said I wanted to use Minjae no matter what, but now I regret it.

This question is from AC Dee.
What kind of wishes are on your bucket list?

(Sumin) I want to go on a trip around the world. I want to choose the countries I want to visit and just go in order. I think it'll be a lot of fun.
(Minjae) I want to go bungee jumping. It was my wish from a long time ago. I feel like it would relieve a lot of stress but I get scared easily so I worry about whether the rope would break and it will become my last bungee jump. There's also paragliding. I want to try it out.
(Nahyun) I'll be realistic. I want to be the owner of a building in Cheongdamdong.
(Minjae) We should stay close to you.
(NewSun) I want to travel around the world and eat pizza and drink the alcohol of different countries.
(D.ana) I watched a video recently and I want to try out the scariest roller coaster in the world.
(Minjae) I didn't know you could go on roller coasters?
(D.ana) I'm pretty good.
(High.D) This is random but I want to get certified for two different foreign languages. My friends all have two certificates for foreign languages. That made me think about what I'm doing. I really want to get certified sometime in the future.
(Minjae) Which languages do you want to learn?
(High.D) I want to speak Japanese and English well.
(Minjae) But aren't you in charge of Chinese?
(High.D) We can speak Chinese a bit, so I want to learn something that I don't know at all.

This question is from Ariza Nuraini of Indonesia.
The year is almost over. What are some goals you did not meet this year and a concept you want to try next year?

(Sumin) We used to talk about winning 1st place. I remember because I was the one that mentioned it. But, we only have one more month left this year.
(Minjae) Do you think our song could climb back up on the charts?
(Sumin) We would have to ask for a lot of help on that one. A concept we want to try next year..
(Minjae) I have one! Gugudan's dance is really cute these days. We turn into pretty 25-year-olds next year so what about going for a really cute concept for one last time?
(Sumin) Let's try the cute concept and win 1st place next year.

We came back with the song "I" so we hope you all enjoy it and watch us on stage as well! KBS WORLD Radio listeners, this has been evergreen Sonamoo!

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