Hello KBS WORLD RADIO listeners! This is Victon!
"Remember Me" is the title track from our 4th album, "From. VICTON". The song was given to us by Goodlife Producing team which includes our role model Yong Jung-hyung of Highlight as a gift celebrating our group's one-year anniversary. We hope you enjoy the song!

This question is from AlyaShofia of Indonesia.
You made your comeback around one year since your debut. What has changed in the past year?

(Heo Chan) I think our manner on stage has changed.
(Seungwoo) We've tried a more refreshing concept.
(Heo Chan) And our eyes when we stand on stage has changed. Seungsik is especially a lot more relaxed now.
(Seungsik) Am I the only one with changes?
(Heo Chan) I saw a lot of changes in Seungsik.
(Seungsik) I think we changed for the better.
(Seungwoo) What about you, Seungsik?
(Seungsik) It's been good. It has already been a year. If we were able to show off a refreshing side last year on Music Bank, we're back with a more sexier concept this year.
(Sejun) I think you're the sexiest.
(Seungsik) I think that was the biggest change.

This question is from JK of Canada.
Is there a part that another member does for "Remember Me" that you would like to do? Show us!

(Heo Chan) I do! I want Seungwoo's part. Can I show you?
(Seungwoo) Was I like that?
(Seungski) I have three parts that I want to do. This was one that I wanted to try.
(Staff) Who do you think is the member that shows off your concept the best?
(Heo Chan) I've been repeatedly saying this but our fans keep talking about Seungsik... While we had our refreshing concept a lot of people said Seungsik was the sexiest with the most charisma. That's why I think Seungsik has changed the most. What do you all think?
(Seungsik) Me? I agree.
(Seungwoo) Seungsik's outfit was a big change as well.
(Byungchan) We should try to keep a lid on it...
(Seungsik) It was last week's Music Bank when we wore sexy see-through outfits. Thank you.

This question is from Alli Barrera of Mexico.
Who is the member that takes more time than others to learn the lyrics or choreography?

(Heo Chan) What do you guys think?
(Sejun) I think it's me. I'm not sure why it takes me longer to learn the lyrics and choreography, but I'm working hard, so please be understanding.

This question is from Hoang Thang of Vietnam.
Seungwoo, what is difficult as a leader and what makes you happy as a leader?

(Seungwoo) What is difficult? I don't think it should be easy so I try not to think about how difficult it is. It's natural that I should set an example and try to be a step ahead of others. What makes me happy? Look at these guys, I'm happy that they're all good looking! I think our members are all awesome.
(Seungsik) That makes you happy as a leader?
(Seungwoo) It makes me proud when we go out for rehearsal.
(Byungchan) All 7 of us are all pretty good looking, really.

This question is from Kristine Cacho of the Philippines.
It's December. What do you want to wish as a gift from Santa?

(Byungchan) I have one! I've said this before but a little free time would be nice.
(Subin) Is Santa pretty close by?
(Seungsik) Santa was pretty close by.
(Byungchan) It's something that Santa can do for us, right?
(Hanse) Our Santa Claus is our manager.
(Heo Chan) I love being on stage, so I wish we had more opportunities to perform on stage during the year-end.
(Hanse) We're closing out the year this month, so I hope that our group members and our fan club members are all healthy and wrap up this year well. That's my biggest wish.

This question is from Coral Castillo Sanchez from Mexico.
What are three items you would talk to a deserted island?

(Subin) There is someone who has been to a deserted island before.
(Heo Chan) That's right. Since you've been to the jungle before, Byungchan, pick three items we would need.
(Byungchan) The most important is a friend, someone that you can be with. Another must-have is a knife and then emergency food. That should be enough because you can use trees and leaves as a rope and you can use the knife to cut things in order to make a fire.
(Hanse) You've actually started a fire before?
(Byungchan) Yes, I have. That's why I think those three things are the most important.
(Seungwoo) What about you, Subin?
(Subin) I just need Seungwoo.
(Seungwoo) Why do you need me?

Can you express Victon with one word?

(Subin) It's ALICE.
(Hanse) I feel like I've been stabbed in the back..
(Subin) Well, if it wasn't for ALICE, we wouldn't exist.
(Hanse) That means Victon = ALICE.
(Sejun) Can I say something? It might not be funny. I think we can be described as "thirsty." We receive a lot of love from ALICE but we're still thirsty.
(Heo Chan) Thirsty for love.
(Seungsik) Victon is a lighter. We light the fire in Alice members' hearts.
(Seungwoo) What about you, Hanse?
(Seungsik) Victon is a volcano. We're ready to explode. Get ready!
(Seungsik) We're all good!
(Seungwoo) Let's all give each other a hug later.

(Seungsik) We're back with our 4th album celebrating our first anniversary together. We want to show you all that we've prepared. It's wintertime and it's cold, so please stay warm and healthy and have a happy end of the year.
(Heo Chan) 2018 is the year of the dog. We hope that it's a prosperous and happy year for everyone!
(Byungchan) I hope everyone is healthy and well. I also hope everyone has a wonderful time with family and friends.
(Seungsik) That's right. Being healthy is the most important. I hope everyone is healthy and happy. Have a happy new year! This has been Victon!! Thank you!

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