Hello, KBS WORLD Radio listeners! We are The Boyz!
We just released our debut album titled, "The First" and the title track is called "Boy." To give you some information about our team name, it shows our aspiration to be the only boys in your hearts!

This question is from Ary of Indonesia.
What is your favorite track from your debut album?

(Eric) Personally, I like them all.
(Sangyeon) They're all different so you'll be able to feel the charm of each song.

This question is from Nguyen Ha of Vietnam.
Do you have another member's part from "Boy" that you would like to try? Show us!

(Hwall) I want to try Haknyeon's part. It's the part right after my part that goes "it's soaking in," and it's really awesome.
(Hyunjae) What makes it awesome?
(Hwall) Watching Haknyeon singing the part and doing the wave was really memorable because it was so sexy.

This question is from Kim Syrina of Tunisia.
What is your first goal together as a group? Do you have a boy group that you consider your role model?

(Jacob) We want to show everything that we've prepared and we also want to win the rookie award for 2018!
(Sunwoo) As for role models, there are so many great groups that came before us but we especially have a lot of respect for TVXQ. We want to work hard so we can become like them.

This question is from Mariam, a listener of the Arabic section.
When was the toughest moment while preparing for your debut? What kind of strategy will you use to differentiate yourself from other groups?

(Younghoon) I think the repetitive lifestyle was difficult. We went to work every morning to our practice studio but sometimes the sky would be so blue that I wanted to go out and play...but I was physically heading into our studio in the basement. That was hard.
(Q) I think after our debut date was set we worked even harder with a sense of responsibility. We focused harder on practicing and all worked hard to show you everything we had.

This question is from Siti Fatimah of Indonesia.
Who is the member that lifts the mood? What do you do in your dorms when you're bored? What is something you all enjoy eating in your dorms?

(Q) Hyunjae and Eric make everything lively. They have a lot of energy although you can't see it right now because they're nervous.
(Sunwoo) When they're together the energy multiplies by two, three-fold.
(Hyunjae) They're pretty loud!
(Eric) When we're bored, we watch scary movies together or play games together. We like to eat...
(Hyunjae) When we practice we often come home late. Since delivery is open late, we usually eat chicken.
(Juyeon) If we want to eat until we're satisfied...
(Hyunjae) We have to have at least one chicken per person...
(Q) But because we're ordering ate at night we can't...
(Juyeon) So, we order around six?
(Hyunjae) Six is too little, around eight?

This question is from Kunni Sangadati, a listener from the English section.
All of your members are very good looking! Who do you guys pick as the best looking in the group?

(Younghoon) Are you confident?
(New) Yes! No, I'm not saying that I am, but our members always say that we're all very different and our characters are different so it's difficult to say who is better looking. For me personally, I think there is a different member that looking more handsome on different days.
(Sunwoo) Who is it today?
(New) I felt this while we were getting our makeup and hair done but Q...
(Hyunjae) You're saying that because he's sitting next to you, aren't you?
(New) Can you tell?
(Q) No, he really did compliment me at the salon.
(New) He gave me some cookies earlier...

This question is from Kristine Cacho from the Philippiens.
Is there a member that memorizes the birthdays for all of the members? Can you say something in English to the fans?

(Eric) Let me try the birthday question. I may be wrong, but let me try.
(gets all of the birthdays right)
(Hyunjae) Did you practice?
(Eric) No way!
(Juyeon) He's the youngest in our group! I'm so proud!

This question is from Noemi Ramos of Peru.
If you have a chance to write your own songs in the next album, what kind of style will it be?

(Sunwoo) I love hip hop so I want to try writing a hip hop song with our members.
(Sangyeon) I want to use hip hop as a base and incorporate a trendy melody to write a song that carries our own unique style.
(Jacob) Our members have a really sweet voice so I want to try writing an acoustic song.

Can you describe The Boyz with one word?

(Haknyeon) A white canvass. We are newbies just making our debut so we want to be like a white canvass that anything can be drawn on.

KBS WORLD Radio listeners!! We hope that everything you wish for comes true in the new year! We will continue to do our best so we ask for your support and love. Thank you!! This has been The Boyz!

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