Congrats to William Vose for being our last week\'s Y2C winner. Please email us your mailing address to We will send out your prize. Be sure to include in the email subject line that you are the Y2C winner for March 31, 2017.

For this week, let\'s talk about K-Pop Connection. DJ Young and I love bringing you the latest on k-pop and helping to expand your knowledge on kpop.

To help us to irmprove our show, let us know...
what kinds of corners or segments do you want to see on our show? What would you like for us to talk about? What would you like to know about k-pop or Korean culture and entertainment in general? It could even be a non-kpop related corner (like our internet fun facts segment).

If you don\'t have any new ideas, what corner or segment do you enjoy the most on our show?

Let us know and you\'ll help us to improve our show to bring you stuff you like.

Have a great week. :)