Hey all. A big congrats to last week\'s Y2C winner: Carolin Köhler‪. Please email us your mailing address to kpop@kbs.co.kr so we can send out your prize.

Taking into account the many requests for a CD prize giveaway, we will be giving out CD\'s for our monthly prize. THIS MONTH\'S CD? BTS!!!!!

So if you want a chance at winning a free copy of the newest BTS CD, answer the following question...

How many times do you think the average person falls in love? I\'ve heard on a popular TV show, that there\'s a theory we are only give two \"GREAT\" loves in our life. I also read in a survey that the average woman dates about five people before they find their \"ONE\".

These are all different opinions and statistics.

What do YOU think? How many times does a person LOVE someone (romantically) in their life?
If you don\'t mind revealing personal info, how many times have you fallen in love in YOUR life?

Let us know and you may win a BTS CD!

Have a wonderful week everyone.