Hello Angie and Young,
Hope you are enjoying the cherry blossoms.
Both of you are right when you said I\'ve requested 2PM\'s song twice in a row. But the first time I\'ve also asked for Baek A Yeon\'s \'So So\', which was played. And so, I didn\'t give up on the request of 2PM\'s song.
We\'ve recently celebrated our New Year and we call it \'Ugadi\'. According to our tradition, on the day of Ugadi, we make a pickle mixing the ingredients that define six essential tastes of food and eat it. We believe the pickle reminds the people that the following year will consist of not just sweet experiences, but a combination of sweet, sour, salty, and bitter episodes.
Well that is all that I have for now to share with you. So for the song request, please play me the song \'All I wanna do\' by Jay Park.
Thank you,
Love KPC