Hey all. A big congrats to last week\'s Y2C winner: Sara Haru‪. Please email us your mailing address to kpop@kbs.co.kr so we can send out your prize.

Taking into account the many requests for a CD prize giveaway, we will be giving out CD\'s for our monthly prize. THIS MONTH\'S CD? BTS!!!!!

So if you want a chance at winning a free copy of the newest BTS CD, answer the following question...

Which star do you think is the best at variety shows? Which star never fails to deliver entertainment on your favorite variety show?

Also, what makes them so good? Is it their \" gag\" or slapstick humor? Is it their honesty to uncomfortable questions? Is it their \"mean\" comments teasing others?

If you answer, you may be chosen as our next winner to receive a BTS CD!

Have a great week everyone!