Hi DJ Young and Angie,

How are you two doing?
I\\#039*ve been in Korea since the beginning of the month. Sophie and I are just visiting our old dating spots since it\\#039*s been almost 10 years since we met here. Although, most of the restaurants are gone and changed, we\\#039*ve enjoyed eating at the ones that are still there, visiting places like Nami Island, and going to the lotus and lavender festivals. I wanted to visit the KBS building because that\\#039*s one of the places where we went on our first quot*date,quot* but we didn\\#039*t have time. My sister-in-law wants to take us to a big water gun fight in Seoul on Sunday, but I don\\#039*t know if we\\#039*re going to Yeoido. Anyways, I just wanted to say quot*hiquot* while we were here...so quot*Hi.quot* ^^

Take care and God bless,

~Paul T.

P.S. Why didn\\#039*t 박효신 have a concert while I was here? Oh well.