Hey all!
Congrats to ‪Wissal Mehrez‪ for being chosen as our last week\'s Y2C winner. Please email your mailing address to kpop@kbs.co.kr so we can send out your prize. Be sure to include in the subject that you are the Y2C winner for July 28th, 2017.

This week, let\'s talk about death encounters.

What is the closest encounter you\'ve had to with death? It could be something really scary, or if you were lucky to not have had any really close encounters with death, it could be something super common...like falling off your bike.

Let us know some eerie or scary moments. For example, maybe you missed your flight and it turned out that that flight got into a plane crash. Maybe you got into a serious car accident. Or there was a complication in a medical procedure. Maybe you had a tumor that ended up being benign, but you still were worried about it being cancerous.

Let us know any moments that left you thankful to be alive!

Have a great week and let\'s all make the best of it!