Hello Angie and DJ Young ~

When I was 9, I was in a car accident and I shattered my skull, broke my left shoulder, and had cerebral hemorrhaging. I came in and out of consciousness a few times afterwards while being transported to the hospital. It was a very peaceful experience, there was little to no pain and there were bright swirls of light, similar to watching the reflections of a lake. I just felt my limbs fall away, like when you lie in bed with everything relaxed completely.

I’m not completely sure if my was going through the theorized “DMT dump” or if this was some other effect caused by brain damage, but everything felt extremely peaceful that I didn’t question one moment of it. I only stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks after surgery and the only remaining damage from this incident is a “headband” scar from ear to ear and 3 plates in my head.

Since, I was a child I didn\'t really think too much about philosophical aspect and used to boost about my scar like a medal for surviving. But I stopped now, adulting ~ But now thinking back, it shows that accident may happen at anytime and the quotes you found online saying to enjoy the present, forgive others, show affection to your love ones and so on are so true.

Wishing everyone to enjoy the week/present to the fullest and not to live with regrets ~

Bye bye ~