Expression of the Week

Jin-ae: 엄마, 들려?
Mom, do you hear it?
San-ok: 응, 아이구, 이게 우리 손주 심장소리구나. 세상에. 신기하네.
Yes. So that’s my grandchild’s heartbeat. My goodness. How amazing.

세상에 (My goodness!)

세상 – the world, the earth
-에 – (particle) at, in etc.

>> [세상에!] as an interjection/exclamation is similar to “my goodness,” “oh dear,” “no way” etc.

>> often used with other interjections (without changes to the meaning)
ex. 어머나 세상에, 세상에 웬일이니

>> [세상에 어떻게 이런 일이 있지?] means “how on earth could this happen?”
But [세상에. 어떻게 이런 일이 있지?] means “My goodness. How could this happen?”