Expression of the Week

Yeoreum: 나쁜 놈. 자기가 차인 줄도 몰라. What a Jerk. He doesn’t even know he was dumped.
Taeha: 진짜요? 미치겠다. Really? I’m going crazy. 아, 그래요. 뭐, 제가 차였다고 쳐요. Sure. Let’s say I was dumped. 그게 뭐 중요한 거라고. That’s not important.

나쁜 놈 (Jerk / What a jerk.)

나쁜 – bad
놈 – man, fellow, guy

>> often used like the English expression “jerk”

>> may also just mean “bad guy” or “villain”

>> the word [놈] today often carries a derogatory connotation