Expression of the Week

Yeoreum: 나를 뭐라고 생각했을까? What would he have thought of me?
Joonho: 선보러 다니는 애인 쫓아 호텔까지 온 불쌍한 여자. A pitiful woman who came all the way to a hotel chasing after her boyfriend on a blind date. 에휴, 쟤는 아직도 남자한테 질질질 끌려 다니는구나 했겠지. He probably thought “Sigh, she’s still getting dragged around by men.”

에휴 (Sigh)

>> an onomatopoeia of a sigh

>> used to express worries, frustration, exhaustion, sadness, relief, or sympathy for someone else

>> sometimes unofficially written as [에효] or [에혀], especially online

>> the noun for “a sigh” is [한숨] and “to sigh” is [한숨 쉬다]