Expression of the Week

Yeoreum: 내가 좋아하는 남자가 있는데 돈이 없어서 결혼을 못해. There’s this guy I like, but I can’t get married because I have no money. 그래서 나 그 사람한테 결혼에 관심 없는 척한다. So to him, I pretend to have no interest in marriage. 돈 없어서 결혼 못 한다 그러면, 자존심 상하잖아. It would hurt my pride to say that I can’t get married because I have no money.

자존심 상하잖아 (It would hurt my pride.)

자존심 – pride, self-esteem, self-respect
상하다 – to go bad, to be damaged, to be hurt
~잖다 – a sentence ending indicating that the information is already known to the listener

Casual – 자존심 상하잖아
Semi-polite – 자존심 상하잖아요

>> the [~잖다] ending may be dropped to say “it hurts my pride.”
ex. 자존심 상해 / 자존심 상해요

>> use [있다 (to exist, to have)] to say “I have pride” or “I have self-respect”
ex. 나도 자존심이 있어 / 저도 자존심이 있어요

>> use [세다 (to be strong)] to say “one has too much pride”
ex. 그 사람은 자존심이 너무 세 / 그 사람은 자존심이 너무 세요

>> use [없다 (to have none)] to say “don’t you have any prid/self-respect?”
ex. 넌 자존심도 없어? / 자존심도 없어요?