Expression of the Week

Yeoreum: 강태하, 음악 좀... 느린 거로 바꿔줘. Kang Taeha, can you change the music to something slow?
Taeha: 제발... Please (Say ‘please.’)
Yeoreum: 제발... Please (Say ‘please.’)

제발 (Please)

제발 – please

Causal – 제발
Semi-polite – 제발요 (used colloquially only)

>> although translated as “please”, [제발] is not used for trivial everyday requests, but rather for genuine pleas or urgent requests
i.e. the word “please” in the sentence “please take a seat” would not be translated as [제발]

>> [제발 도와줘 / 제발 도와주세요] means “please help.”

>> [제발 부탁이야 / 제발 부탁이에요] may be translated to “please, I beg of you”