Expression of the Week

Yoonhee: 바람 피웠어, 옛날에.
You cheated. Long time ago.
Minsoo: 죽겠다. 내가? 언제?
You’re killing me. Me? When?
Yoonhee: 10년 전에.
10 years ago.
Minsoo: 누구랑?
With who?
Yoonhee: 나랑.
With me.

바람 피웠어 (I/You/He/She/They cheated.)

바람 – wind
바람 피우다 – idiom, to cheat (in a relationship), to have an affair, to be unfaithful
~피웠어 – casual past tense statement form of [피우다]

Causal – 바람 피웠어
Semi-polite – 바람 피웠어요

>> add subject to be more specific
ex. 너 바람 피웠어 (You cheated.)
나 바람 피웠어 (I cheated.)
그 사람 바람 피웠어요 (That person (He/she) cheated.)

>> [바람둥이] derives from [바람 피우다], but its meaning is closer to “a player” or “a womanizer” than it is to “a cheater.” It’s mostly used to describe men who dates many women.