Expression of the Week

Taeha: 가려고?
You’re leaving?
Yeoreum: 어.
Taeha: 좋아한다, 한여름!
I like you, Han Yeoreum!
다시 좋아지기 시작했어. 진심이야.
I’ve begun to like you again. I mean it.

진심이야 (I mean it.)

진심 – sincerity, honesty, true feelings
이다 – to be
~이야 – casual statement form of [이다]

Casual – 진심이야
Semi-polite – 진심이에요
Formal – 진심입니다

>> depending on the contest, [진심이야] could be used to mean “I mean it,” “I’m being honest”, or “I’m being serious”

>> raise the intonation to form questions:
ex: 진심이야? / 진심이에요?
(Do you mean it?/Are you serious?)

>> change the ending to form a formal question:
ex: 진심입니까?

>> use [진심] as an adjective by adding the particle [으로]
ex. 진심으로 축하해 (Congratulations from the bottom of my heart)
ex. 진심으로 감사합니다 (I’m sincerely grateful.)