Expression of the Week

Yeoreum: 강태하를 만났어.
I met Kang Taeha.그 뒤로는 완전 엉망진창이야.
Since then, it’s a complete mess.
Yoonhee: 남선생이랑?
With Dr. Nam?
Yeoreum: 엄마가 나라면 어떻게 하겠어?
What would you do if you were me, mom?
나 이해 안 가지?
You can’t understand me, can you?

엉망진창이야 (It’s a mess.)

엉망진창 – a mess, wreck, ruin
이다 – to be
~이야 – casual statement form of [이다]

Casual – 엉망진창이야
Semi-polite – 엉망진창이에요

>> may refer to a messy situation or a physical mess
ex. 방이 엉망진창이에요 (My room’s a big mess.)

>> [엉망진창] adds emphasis to [엉망]. [엉망이야] also means “it’s a mess.”

>> add adverbs such as [완전 (completely)], [정말 (really)] or [아주 (extremely)] for more emphasis
ex. 완전 엉망진창이야 (It’s a complete mess.)
ex. 정말 엉망이에요 (It’s really messy.)