Expression of the Week

Junho: 근데 이 신발... , 오빠랑 커플 신발이다.
And these shoes are…. Tada! They’re the same as mine.
넌 오빠한테 올 자유도 있어.
You’re also free to come to me.

짠 (Tada~!)

짠 – interjection/exclamation said to call attention to a special reveal

>> similar expressions include [짜잔] and [뿅]

>> [짠! 놀랐지?] means “Tada! I surprised you, didn’t I?”
[놀라다] – “to be surprised”

>> [짠 하고 나타났어] means “he/she appeared out of nowhere.”
[나타나다] – “to appear”