Expression of the Week

Yeoreum: 여기 앉으셔서 이거 써주시면 되구요.
You can sit here and fill this out.
커피 한잔 드릴까요?
Would you like a cup of coffee?
Man: 저기요. 혹시 남자친구 있으세요?
Excuse me. Do you have a boyfriend?

혹시 남자친구 있으세요? (Do you have a boyfriend?)

혹시 – maybe, by some possibility, by any chance
남자친구 – boyfriend
있다 – to have
~있으세요? – polite present tense question form of [있다]

Casual – 혹시 남자친구 있어?
Semi-polite – 혹시 남자친구 있어요?
Polite – 혹시 남자친구 있으세요?

>> replace [남자친구] with other nouns to make “do you have ~?” questions:
ex. 혹시 여자친구 있으세요? (Do you have a girlfriend?)
ex. 혹시 연필 있어? (Do you have a pencil by any chance?)

>> [혹시 생각 있으세요?] is an idiom meaning “Are you interested?”