Expression of the Week

Yeon: 대표가 젊은데 똑똑하고 멋있어요.
The president is young, but he’s smart and charming.
설계도 직접 하고 깐깐해서 마음에 들어요.
He designs himself, and he’s quite detailed, so I like him.
도면 수정을 몇 번이나 했는지 몰라.
We revised the plan so many times.
게다가 잘생겼어요.
On top of that, he’s good looking.

잘생겼어요. (He’s good looking. / He’s handsome.)

잘생기다 – to have good looks, to be handsome
(mostly used to describe the good looks of a man)

Casual – 잘생겼어
Polite – 잘생겼어요

>> add adverbs for emphasis
ex. 정말 잘생겼어요 (He’s really good looking.)
ex. 너무 잘생겼어 (He’s so handsome / he’s extremely handsome.)
ex. 제일 잘생겼어요 (He’s the most handsome.)

>> use the word [예쁘다 (to be beautiful/pretty)] to describe the good looks of a woman
ex. 제 여자친구는 예뻐요 (My girlfriend is pretty.)

>> the opposite of [잘생기다] and [예쁘다] is [못생기다 (to be ugly)]