Expression of the Week

Soo: 우리 엄마는 엉터리입니다.
My mom’s silly.
살림 솜씨가 정말이지 엉망진창입니다.
Her housekeeping skills are really a big mess.
청소는 일주일에 한 번, 그것도 늘 대충대충입니다.
She cleans once a week, and even then she’s always careless.

대충대충입니다 (He/she is careless / he/she does things halfheartedly)

대충 – to be rough, careless, halfhearted, slapdash etc.
이다 – to be
~입니다 – formal statement form of [이다]

Casual – 대충대충이다 / 대충대충이야
Semi-polite – 대충대충이에요
Formal – 대충대충입니다

>> describes a person or his or her actions as being careless or halfhearted

>> use with other adverbs
ex. 그는 늘 대충대충이에요 (He’s always careless.)

>> [대충] can be used with other verbs
ex. 하다 (to do)
- 대충대충 해 (Just do it roughly.)
ex. 먹다 (to eat)
- 대충 먹었어요 (I just ate whatever.)
ex. 읽다 (to read)
- 대충대충 읽었어 (I just skimmed through.)