Expression of the Week

Sang-min: 만취해서 남의 차에 올라타고,
What does a woman who gets drunk and climbs onto a stranger’s car,
짝사랑하는 남자한테 차여서 정신줄 놓고 다니는 여자는 하는 일이 뭘까?
And loses her wits after getting rejected by a man she liked, do?
이런 걸 순수한 호기심이라고 하지.
This is called pure curiosity.
너 뭐하는 애야?
What do you do?
Yeon-tae: 그냥 백수에요.
I’m jobless.

백수에요 (I’m jobless.)

백수 – a jobless person (slang)
이다 – to be
~에요 – semi-polite statement form of [이다]

Casual – 백수다, 백수야
Semi-polite – 백수에요
Formal - 백수입니다

>> no subject is specified within the statement and it depends on the context

>> [백수에요] may be used to mean “he’s jobless”, “she’s jobless”, “they’re jobless”, “we’re jobless” or “you’re jobless” as well

>> [백수] could be considered derogatory

>> [백조] is a relatively new slang used to mean “a jobless woman”