Expression of the Week

Jin-ju: 엄마, 응? 일어나 점심 먹자.
Mom. Get up and let’s have lunch.
기운 좀 내봐, 응?
Try to muster up some strength, will you?
Ok-soon: 나 배 안 고파. 배고픈 사람들이나 먹어.
I’m not hungry. You go ahead and eat.

기운 좀 내봐 (Try to muster up some strength.)

기운 – energy, vitality, strength
기운내다 – to muster up strength, to be energetic
Verb +보다 – (auxiliary verb) to try
~내 봐 – casual imperative form of [내보다]
좀 – a little, some

Casual – 기운 좀 내봐
Semi-polite – 기운 좀 내봐요
Polite – 기운 좀 내보세요

>> [기운내다] could mean either “to muster up physical strength”, or “to perk up emotionally”

>> [기운없다] could mean either “to be physically strength-less” or “to be emotionally drained”

>> [기운 내 / 기운 내요 / 기운 내세요] is often used to mean “cheer up”

>> [힘 좀 내봐] also means “try to muster up some strength”