Expression of the Week

Sang-min: 아이, 뭐 그런 애랑 깔끔하게 이렇게 정리가 됐으니까
Well now that everything’s so neatly wrapped up with a girl like that,
잘 된 거지, 안 그래?
It all worked out for the best, didn’t it?
아주 그냥 경사 났네.
What a happy day.
Tae-min: 차였구나?
You were rejected, weren’t you?

아주 그냥 경사 났네 (What a happy day.)

아주 – very
그냥 – just
경사 – a happy occasion
경사나다 – a happy occasion occurs
~났네 – casual past tense statement form of [나다]

Casual – 경사 났네, 경사 났어
Semi-polite – 경사 났네요, 경사가 났네요

>> used sarcastically in this case

>> [아주 그냥] adds emphasis to the sarcasm

>> [경사 났네, 경사 났어!] is an idiomatic exclamation, roughly meaning “oh what a happy day” or “how great is this?!” or “how wonderful!”