Expression of the Week

Jin-ju: 그래, 헤어져. 헤어지자고.
Alright. Let’s break up. Let’s go our separate ways.
잘 먹고, 잘 살아라, 이 밴댕이 소갈딱지 같은 놈아!
Have a good life, you petty jerk!

잘 먹고, 잘 살아라 (Have a good life.)

잘 – well
먹다 – to eat
~고 – conjunction
살다 – to live
~살아라 – casual imperative form of [살다]

Casual – 잘 먹고, 잘 살아라
Semi-polite – 잘 먹고, 잘 사세요

>> literally means “eat well, and live well,” but is used ironically to imply the speaker does not want to see the listener again

>> may also be used to genuinely wish someone well – pay closer attention to the tone and context