Expression of the Week

Jin-ju: 이사, 이사 왔어요
I moved here.
Mi-jung: 아... 주인집 따님이세요?
Ah.. the landlord… Are you the daughter?
오, 신기하다. 어떻게 이런 인연이.
How amazing. What a coincidence.
세상 참 좁네요.
What a small world.

세상 참 좁네요 (What a small world!)

세상 – world
참 – truly
좁다 – small, narrow, cramped (used to describe space)
~네요 – polite statement ending indicating speaker’s impression or surprise

Casual – 세상 참 좁네
Semi-polite – 세상 참 좁네요

>> 세상 참 좁다 is an idiomatic expression similar to “it’s a small world”, used to express surprise at meeting someone you know, or discovering a personal connection where you least expect

>> [참] is often replaced by similar adverbs such as [정말] or [진짜], both of which mean “really” or “truly”
ex. 세상 정말 좁다, 세상 진짜 좁네요