Expression of the Week

Sang-tae’s Father-in-law: 밤낮으로 그 애들 나간 빈 방 쳐다보면서 울고
She would look at the empty rooms and cry all day,
마음 못 잡길래 제가 저지른 일입니다, 제가.
And have a hard time, so I did it.
이 사람 아무 잘못도 없어요.
She didn’t do anything wrong.
예, 제 탓입니다.
Yes. It’s my fault.

제 탓입니다 (It’s my fault.)

제 – mine (honorific)
탓 – fault, blame
이다 – to be
~입니다 – honorific/formal form of [이다]

Casual – 내 탓이다, 내 탓이야
Semi-polite – 내/제 탓이예요
Former – 제 탓입니다

>> use [아니다] to say “It’s NOT my fault.”
ex. 내 탓이 아니야
ex. 제 탓이 아닙니다

>> change subject
ex. 당신 탓입니다 (It’s your fault.)
ex. 오빠 탓이 아니야 (It’s not your fault, oppa. / It’s not oppa’s fault.)