Expression of the Week

Mi-jung’s Grandma: 어쩜 널 참 끔찍이도 위한다.
He cares for you so much.
Mi-jung: 내 남편이 그런 사람이야, 할머니. 나 시집 잘 갔지?
That’s my husband, Grandma. I married well, didn’t I?
Grandma: 아이고, 그려. 아이고, 너 참 좋겠다. 저런 신랑 만나서.
You’re right. You must be happy to have met such a man.

나 시집 잘 갔지? (I married well, didn’t I?)

나 – I
시집가다 – to get married (female)
잘 – well
~갔지? – question form of [가다]

Casual – 나 시집 잘 갔지?
Semi-polite – 저 시집 잘 갔지요?

>> the male version of [시집가다] is [장가가다]
ex. 나 장가 잘 갔지?

>> [결혼하다] can be used by both women and men
ex. 나 결혼 잘 했지?

>> [~지?] question are similar to the English tag questions
ex. 예뻐? (is it pretty?) vs. 예쁘지? (it’s pretty, isn’t it?)