Expression of the Week

Sang-tae’s mom: 수술하면 깨끗하게 나을 수 있대?
Will she be all cured after the surgery?
Sang-tae: 네, 괜찮대요.
Yes. They said she’ll be alright.
Sang-tae’s mom:: 아휴, 감사합니다, 감사합니다.
Oh thank you. Thank you.
나도 수술 소리만 들어도 십년감수했어.
Just hearing the word surgery took ten years off my life.

십년감수했어 (It took ten years off my life.)

십 – ten
년 – year(s)
감수 – to take years off
십년감수 – fear or danger severe enough to shorten one’s life by 10 years
하다 – to do
~했어 – casual past tense statement form of [하다]

Casual – 십년감수했어 / 십년감수했다
Semi-polite – 십년감수했어요

>> expression said after an extremely stressful or frightening situation