Expression of the Week

Sang-tae: 운동을 해야 방귀가 나온 대잖아.
They said you have to exercise to fart.
Mi-jung: 나 너무 힘들어.
I’m so tired.
Sang-tae: 아이고, 엄살은 정말.
Geesh. Stop faking it.
아니, 어떻게 제대로 방귀 하나를 못 뀌냐?
How can you not fart right?
평상시에는 그렇게 잘 뀌더구만(먼).
You do it so well normally.

엄살은 (Stop faking it.)

엄살 – pretend/exaggerated pain/hardship
은 – marker

>> saying [엄살은] implies that the speaker sees through the pretention and wants the listener to stop

>> the word [엄살] can be used with verbs like [이다], [부리다] or [떨다]
ex. 그냥 엄살이야 (I’m just exaggerating.)
ex. 엄살 부리지 마 (Stop faking it.)
ex. 엄살 떨지 마세요 (Stop exaggerating.)

>> [엄살이 심하다] means “the exaggeration is extreme”